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15 Must Read Posts Written By Neil Patel For Every Blogger

Must Read Posts By Neil Patel

When it comes to blogging, following other's blogs is an important task, so that you can keep your mind updated. I have been following many blogs like- Quick Sprout, Copy Blogger, and much more which helped me to gain the knowledge through which I'm writing this post. In all of my followed blogs, the most favorite blog which I like is Quick Sprout, the reason is the content which Neil writes actually works and will also work for you. Therefore I just wanted to share you the best 15 posts written by an impressive entrepreneur Neil Patel.

Under Construction Page Plugin Review [2017 Edition]

Under Construction Page Plugin

Whether it is a blogger or webmaster, he/she needs to update their sites regularly. But they don't want their visitors to see cheesy bugs and malfunctions. Today, I'm sharing you an excellent and free WordPress plugin which will help you build construction or maintenance pages within few minutes! You don't need any kind of developer knowledge to use this plugin. Just pick a beautiful template and customize it according to yourself and it's done! Let's discuss more of this excellent plugin...

[Case Study] How I Got AdSense Approval For New Blog!

Google AdSense Case Study!

AdSense, a dream for bloggers, right? We party hard if we get its approval but also cry if get rejected. But for me, it was a party time! Today I am sharing the case study that how I got Google AdSense approval for a 24 days old blog! Yes, you heard me! I got approved for a 24 days old blog! Want to know how I got approval? Simple, read this case study briefly... So, let's start!

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