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5 Things Which Convert Bloggers To Pro Bloggers

9/25/2015 No Comment

"I want to be a Pro" , these are the words spoken almost by every blogger who thinks that he can become pro blogger (Professional Blogger) in future but there are certain things which can only be found in pro bloggers and not in bloggers which i am going to state in this post.
By the way my dear loyal readers this post is fully dedicated to you as i don't think myself as a pro as i'm not but definitely want you to become more faster than others that's why you should read this post carefully.

5 Things Which Converts Bloggers To Pro Bloggers-

There are many things which convert bloggers to pro but i will only state top 5 in them which will surely help you reach your target easily.

1- Time Is King-


The main thing which you can see in Pro bloggers is that they have sufficient time to post for their blog unless bloggers which have very short time makes them late to post something which make the difference.Therefore when you have sufficient time to only focus on blogging then you can pass the first bridge to become pro blogger.
We all say that content is king but Time is just like father of content as without it we can't post any content. So if you want to step up a level then you should first think of about the availability of time which you have.

2- Content Writing Strategy-

Content Writing

All the pro bloggers have a special ability which is their writing skills.Posts which they publish are full of interesting facts and unique content which make their blog indexed by google easily. Many bloggers post content which is already available on the net then how will google differentiate between them? ,Therefore you should always select a post which has never been available on net and you are the only one who knows it.

3- Big Posts-

Big Posts

It's simple the more you write the more easily your audience will understand better. This is the main quality of pro bloggers that they post less posts but the posts they write are big and easily understood by their audience.Many bloggers make posts with just 100-120 words but then how will google index their blog? Therefore you should write every posts greater than 500 words so that google can index it easily.For example this post has more than 500 words and that's why this post may have ranked well than other's.If you make big posts like this one then the audience will automatically come to your blog and will surely either share the post or comment on it.

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4- Use of Images-


The posts which don't have images look like a black and white magazine. Can you read a magazine which is black and white ?? Of course not , the same will happen with your audience.The more images you use in the post the more creative posts look and increase attraction.You can see that in this post i have used many images for what? just for you to make the post attractive and interesting .
Every pro blogger knows how to attract his audience therefore he uses many tricks like images,info graphics , nice backgrounds etc.

5- Creative Mind-


Every pro blogger has a creative mind which makes him post unique and creative. And that's the reason why their posts ran so well in search results.This creativeness comes by regularly posting and blogging and thinking. For creating perfect images for your blog posts you require creativeness and good thinking skills.Therefore you can also increase your creativeness by thinking skills.

What's Your Opinion?

I hope you must have read this post full (and thank you for that!) and must have understand the basics of pro blogging. By the way did you find any other quality which is in pro bloggers ?? If yes then let me also know them by just commenting and do share this post if you like it :)

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