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6 Basic Mistakes Which I Did With My Previous Blog

9/30/2015 No Comment
6 Basic Mistakes Which I Did With My Previous Blog

Hello Bloggers Hope you are well :) So today i will share you my 6 basic mistakes which i did with my previous blog ngtechzone. We all do mistakes at least one time in blogging which helps us to improve more better .Therefore i just wanted to share my mistakes which will help you to not do the same and will definitely save your time.

Why I Am Sharing You My Mistakes ?

The reason is simply because to help you! Yes by reading this post you will definitely will get aware of the mistakes and will help you not let your blog down.
Every Blogger certainly makes make mistakes when he is newbie but later he improves them and get success! 

6 Basic Mistakes Which I Did With My Previous Blog -

Okay let's start-

1- The Content Problem-


We all know that content is king and that's what silly mistake done by me.At first when i started that blog it was multi niche in which i gave games,movies and some blogger resources and the main thing was- they were not unique! 
No doubt i wrote good posts after very much time but until then google had identified that blog as non-unique blog. And google just hated my blog! There were only few posts which were properly indexed by blog. Therefore you should always write unique content with unique topics. Posts having topics which are already on net are very difficult to index.

2- SEO Problem-


It is not an easy task to learn SEO easily. I takes a little time to get the basic concepts of SEO. When i started my previous blog i was like dumb in SEO and don't know the basic concepts like meta tags, webmasters tools etc. and that created the problem for the blog.
Google Took Almost 6 months to index my blog without any SEO optimization.Think the whole traffic of 6 months was just vanished like magic! 
Therefore what i suggest you is to start a blog only when you have learned the basics of SEO.

3- No Content Strategies -


At the time when i started my previous blog i didn't knew how to handle the audience meaning that i posted multiple posts each different from each other. As said above that the blog was multi-niche at the starting therefore it created problems for the blog which directly affected the blog's traffic.

4- Less Knowledge About Niche-


At that time my knowledge about the blog niche was not good and the result was that i was not able to get unique posts ideas which mainly led to down in blog's traffic.
Therefore you should always start a blog only when you have sufficient knowledge about your  niche so that you can get unique content ideas regularly.
Therefore before starting this blog i read many awesome tutorials and e-books which increased my knowledge in the niche and the result you are seeing now!

5- No Coding Experience-


At that time i was very new to web building languages like Html,CSS ,JS etc. through which i was not able to customize my template which ruined the audience interface and experience. The blog template was good but not customized which directly affected the user eyes forcing him not to read the posts carefully. Therefore before you start any blog on any niche you should learn some basic web developing language like html  and Css.

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6- Content Amount Problem-


This is the main problem which every newbie does is about the content amount problem. Even i didn't knew that all posts must have more than 500 words. At that time the amount of words in the post in the blog was not fixed , some were below 100 and some above 200.
Therefore what i suggest you is to write each post more than 530 words which will make your blog rank fast!


Hope you understood the basic mistakes which i did in my previous blog and may help you to not re apply them. By the way did you did any other problem in your blog which is not stated here? If yes then let me know them through comments and do share this post to your friends :)

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