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Why You Should Follow Other Blog's Having Same Niche ?

9/25/2015 No Comment


Getting unique content ideas for your blog's is not an easy task. I have received many comments in my past blog's in which my subscribers were asking how to get unique content ideas and the answer i gave to them was Guess What?? , it was following other blog's. I think you might have not understand it now but keep reading this post and you'll understand the reason.

We all know that copying and pasting content on the web is a very easy work but when we need to think of unique posts then it becomes a tough work therefore i just wanted to share my tricks which helps me to get unique posts ideas very easily.So let me explain it to you-

Why You Should Follow Other Blog's Having Same Niche ?

Okay let's take an example you are A and your friend is B and you both are bloggers publish same niche content. Now one day you went on his blog and observed that your friend is posting great content therefore you thought to read them and the ultimate result was that you learned something!.
There are many things which you will learn from other blog's like posting tricks , Seo tricks, template design etc. which i will explain in this post.

Note- You should always follow those blog which post unique and great content.

Advantages Of Following Other Blogs-

1- Unique Content Ideas-

As i said above that following great blogs can give your mind a refreshment through which you can get unique content ides.Also you can be updated to the new things going in your niche which you would have never known.

2- Increases Knowledge-

It's simple the more you read about your niche the more you get expert in it. You can increase your niche knowledge by reading E-books , posts, info-graphics etc.From the beginning when i was a newbie i have been following many blog's and will be doing same just to gain knowledge.

3- Motivates You-

Many times when we are just posting our content we get lazy and think not to post which ultimately increase your posting time affecting your traffic.Therefore when you go to your following blog and see new content your mind will automatically force you to publish your content.I don't the scientific reason behind it but it really works!

4- Gives You New Ideas-

By following other blogs which post unique posts will give you more content ideas and will help to increase your writing style.

5- Keeps You Updated-

Yes when you follow other blogs you will always find yourself updates in your niche which will ultimately result to the generation of unique ideas for posting. There are many things which we can't search through Search engines but the blog's can! You should always think yourself as a learner who always want to learn something new.

6- Provides New Styles

If you post content on blogging niche like me then following other blog's will help you to increase your coding and styling skills as you see new designs. In fact by following other blogs you will learn new content writing skills which you cant find anywhere else? As all the blogger's try to keep their secrets safe [ Excluding Me! ]

7- Gives You New Blogging Tricks -

Finding a blog which receives more traffic than your blog will definitely help you to adopt new blogging tricks which made the other blog more popular than you!.

Do You Follow Other Blogs?

After reading this post i hope you must have done half work. BTW did you notice any change in your blogging after following other blogs? If yes then do share them through comments and let your friends also engaged in the same work by simply sharing this post :)

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