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5 Things To Focus Before Starting A Blog

10/11/2015 No Comment
6 Things To Focus On Before Starting A Blog

Starting a blog is an easy task but most of the bloggers don't even think what they need to focus before starting a blog.Therefore today i will share you some of the things which you need to focus before starting a blog which will definitely help you to level up your blog.
Every time we create a new blog we just start posting in it without focusing on the basic things which are stated below-

The Problem Of Newbies-

As stated above that many bloggers when creating a blog does not focus on basic things like SEO , Template Design , Niche Etc. Which Are Stated below with explanations-

6 Things To Focus Before Starting A Blog-

1- Social Profiles-

Many Bloggers When start a blog does not know the importance of social media in driving the traffic therefore they hardly make one social profile which ultimately drop drown's the blog traffic.Therefore what i suggest you is that you should create social profiles for your blog like - Facebook,twitter,google plus etc. just after 2-3 days of creating blog as you would never like to loose any of your followers.Social profiles not only increase your traffic but increases your blog's reputation also which will help you level up your blog easily.Their are many visitors who don't like to come to blog regularly therefore they just subscribe you on social profiles to receive updates directly in their home page which increases user engagement.

2- Blog's Niche-

Their are many bloggers which don't even know which niche to start with as a result their blog readership goes to zero.Therefore before starting a blog you should always think of niche in which you are going to blog and select only that niche in which you are interested  which will help you to get unique content ideas regularly rather then sitting on the chair and playing games on internet.
Their are many blogger which create multi niche site in beginning and then just post on single topic which directly affects their blog readership and traffic. Therefore multi niche blog is difficult to handle then a single niche blog as getting unique ideas on different topics is very difficult in comparison of getting ideas in single niche blog.

3- Template Design-

You should always select that template which matches your niche and customize it according to you so that you can get more attention from your visitors.Their are many blog's which don't even have Navbar in it then how will visitors navigate the blog ? , they will only be lost in the blog searching for contact page or home page.Their are many must have widgets like- recent posts widget, archive widget etc. which must be installed in every blog to help visitors to navigate blog easily.
Tip: Try To Keep The Color's Of Template Same which will help your visitors not to get lost in the blog , the color's of the blog should be simple so that it will be easy for your visitors to read your posts.The best and most used color scheme is black and white which is most easy to read.

4- Blogging Knowledge-

Before starting a blog you must know the basics of blogging like working with CMS , SEO , HTML , etc. which will help you later to easily boost your blog and easily customize it.
Many bloggers which don't have knowledge about basic blogging things like it's terms , languages , customization's etc. get problem in future.Therefore you should only start a blog only when you have sufficient knowledge about blogging.
You can increase your blogging knowledge by following other blog's , reading posts , reading e-books etc. 

5- Blog Name-

This is the most focusing part where you need to select perfect blog title according to niche and which is unique. Many bloggers just get confused what to select as blog name and delay the launching of blog , also many blogger's select blog name which don't even relates with the niche as a result their blog's take longer time to rank.Therefore you should select an appropriate as well as unique name which is not available on net so that it can rank much more faster.
Some tips are given below to select your blog title-


* Add The Keyword In The Blog Name.
* Always Use English Words.
* Create Logo According To Blog Name
* Use Common Words

What Do You Think?

So these were the 5 things which you need to focus before starting a blog. I hope you enjoyed this post , if so then do share it with your friends and leave your thoughts through comments :)

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