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5 Things Which I Do After Publishing A Post

10/02/2015 No Comment

Hello bloggers , today i will tell you my secret 5 tips which i do after publishing a post in every blog which will help you in increasing your blog traffic. The best moment is blogging is when we hit the publish button! but forget what to do next? So read on this post and get my 5 secret tips which i probably use daily to boost up my traffic.

The Problem Of Newbies-

The main problem i have seen in newbies is that first they write very small posts and then as said above they hit publish button and then don't care what will happen to just written post!
They just feel like completing the school homework no matter how does it look and what is the work done ? Therefore this problem must be removed by every blogger in order to get success in blogging.

5 things which i do after publishing a post-

Hope you must have understood what i wanted to tell you about in above para , if you will make these silly mistakes then the below tips will not work. Therefore first you should write quality posts and then follow these tips only. Also you should not only think of when you will hit the publish button instead you should think about the content and quality of the post you are writing at that time.

1- Use Webmasters Tools-

Webmasters tools , now search engine console is one of the most popular and favorite tool of every blogger and is used by 90% of bloggers due to it's use and quality , Especially the Fetch As Google Feature is the most used as it tells google to index the post within minutes!
Therefore this is my first tip which helps me to get by blog post indexed by google withing minutes! , you should also use it and see the changes !
This trick may not be new for you therefore let's start the other one which is very important.

2- Examine The Post After Publishing It-

This tip will really help you to remove grammar and language errors in your posts.Generally after publishing a post we forget to think about it and as a result the errors in it are in until anyone tell about it. No doubt it will not effect the Seo but will definitely affect your audience and will create problems for them to understand the post.
Even i sometimes get many problems which i get solved after reading them. Therefore publishing the post is not only the main thing but examining it is more important. 
Many times we make many problems like- wrong link , wrong image , wrong tense  etc. which can only be fixed after examining each and every post.

3- Social Sharing-

Social sharing is one of the most important thing which every blogger should do not for themselves but for subscribers.The main reason why followers follow you on social profiles is just to receive updates in their profiles but if you don't do that then will they come to your blog again?? I think No! .
Now a days there are many social media sites including- Facebook , twitter , Gplus , Pinterest etc. which you should use to increase your blog traffic. There are also many tools which can help you to auto-share your posts on social media , therefore using them will make your work more easy.
Also you should send email about posts to your email subscribers to keep them updated with your blog and let them never miss any article on your blog. There are many bloggers who don't even make social profiles for their blog's and take social media as a fun and that's the reason they loose 20-25% of their blog traffic and 30-40% subscribers.

4- Prepare For Another Post-

After doing some of steps the next thing which you need  is to start preparing of next post. It is said that just after writing a post you get 50% more chances of getting more unique ideas! it's not a myth!
Many bloggers just after writing the post close the dashboard and go to enjoying in internet like playing games , listening music etc. no doubt you should do it but first you should prepare for next post like it's title, it's images etc. Then only you can get high quality and unique posts ideas which will definitely help you later.
The same i do is that in my blog post section there are always 1-2 posts saved as drafts so that i can remember them to post and complete them.

5- Research More -

Really one time will come when you will be not getting post ideas then researching on internet about your topic will definitely help you to increase your knowledge and help you increasing your creativeness which will help you to get more ideas what to write about.
The same i do as after posting one or two posts i continuously start reading e-books   , posts, info graphics etc. which help me to get more knowledge in the niche and definitely give me new ideas about posts.

What Are The Things Which You Do ?

So these were mine 5 things which i do after publishing a post , by the way do you think something is missing here? if yes then do let me know them through comments and kindly use the sharing buttons to share this post :)

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