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5 Tricks To Create Perfect Images For Your Posts

10/12/2015 No Comment
Create Perfect Post Images!

Hello Bloggers today i will share you the tricks which i use to make perfect images for my blog post.
As you can see the above image which is looking quite good and matching the post and that's what trick i will share you today which will help you to make perfect images for your blog posts.Many Pro Bloggers use these tricks which i am going to state below and they don't tell to their audience but i am doing so.So Lets start-

Importance Of Image's  In Post-

There are many bloggers who don't know the importance of images in the blog posts and therefore which directly affects their audience experience.It is said that a post must contain at least one image so that users can understand about post easily therefore you should always create images for your posts.

5 Tricks To Create Perfect Images For Your Posts-

1- Design Image Related To Post Title-

The images you design for your posts must be related to the post title.The images which don't match with the posts titles just confuse the audience , therefore before designing an image first determine the post title and then accordingly design the image.
For example- if the post title is "What is blogging?" then the post image should contain the keywords and graphics which is related to it. Understood this trick? If yes then let's move to another one

2- Use Vector Icons-

As you can see that in the image above i have used a beautiful vector image which gives it an awesome look rather then simple text showing the post title.There are many sites which provide free vector icons but in the my favorite is Flat Icon which let's you search for vector icons easily and the most useful part that it allows you to change the color of vector according to you which surely helps to save time in designing the image's.
Tip: Don't Directly search for vectors using post title instead use terms which matches the post title.
For example- As this post relates to designing images therefore the term which i searched was image instead of searching the whole post title which will definitely show you an error as image not found!

3- Use Background According To Blog Color Scheme-

As you can see that all the images in this blog have same background which is light blue and that's what attracts your minds , therefore try to use only the background in images which matches your blog color scheme which will help your audience to get more contrast or attraction.
For example- If I used red background in the above image then it would have looked weird and your full attraction would been at the image only which would have ruined your reading experience.
Tip: If Using Dark Backgrounds Then Use White Color!

4- Use Awesome Fonts-

The images with simple font don't look good therefore you should always use awesome fonts like i use Lucida Handwriting many times which looks good.There are many fonts which are there in image editing software's like paint , Photoshop etc. which looks beautiful.
Also as stated above that you should use white color in dark backgrounds like red,black,blue etc.

5- Don't Add To Much Credits-

Adding too much credits in the images confuses the visitors mind and they are not able to understand the image fully therefore you should only add one credit  if the image is unique and the best place will be bottom right or bottom center.

Share Your Thoughts-

Hope You liked these simple tricks and if so then do share this posts and also share your thoughts through comments.
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