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8 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Comment

10/16/2015 No Comment

We all want our blog to get more and more comments but certainly do some mistakes which causes no comment in the blog.Today i will discuss some of them which will help you to increase comment rate in your blog. Comments are not a part of SEO but plays a vital role in developement of a blog therefore these are some reasons why your audience does not comment in your blog.

Are Comments Important ?

The answer is yes as comments are just like reviews of a blog where people share their thoughts through comments. No doubt comments don't affect the SEO of blog but do increase your blog importance to others.If one comments on a post the other starts thinking of it but if no one comments then other also take down not to comment. 

Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Comment -

1- No Interesting Post -

People only comment on those posts which look interesting to them and helped them.If you think that people will comment on non unique posts then you'r wrong as people only comment on posts which they find as useful and unique.Also the reason why people comment in the post is because they find any problem or have a query.Therefore write only unique and quality content and then see that more people will comment on your blog.

2- No Mention Of Audience -

Try to mention the audience always in this post like i'm mentioning you many times in this post.When no one mention's other then how will they like to mention about you ? the same happens with the blogging , the moment you mention your loyal reader the moment they like to comment on your blog and that's the reason you may comment in this blog { and thank you for that  }.   

3- Post For Special Ones -

The moment you write a post for special ones the other leave that post. Lets take an example -
If i made a post mentioning only newbies then will bloggers which are not newbie will come on post ? of course not as they will feel awkward to read that post.Therefore try to write content which is for all and not special ones and don't mention any special name of any class of audience like mentioned in the example. 
I have seen many blogs which mention only to special ones and that's why there were no comments on the blog.

4- Serious Posts -

The posts which are just direct to their post title are not liked by others.Try to joke and make your audience laugh :) and get them interested so that they can leave their thoughts in comments. Try to build a relationship between you and your audience rather than just posting and posting which will help you get more comments.

5- No Informative Post -

The reason why your audience comes to your blog is just to improve their knowledge. The posts having words or tricks which are already shared are just time wasting for your audience as they don't get any new interesting fact , therefore try to write posts which are not found  anywhere other than your blog.

6- Small Posts -

Posts less than 500 words are difficult to be understood by everyone therefore many of your audience gets confused after reading them. The posts which are big takes time to read but are more easy to understand by your audience. For example this posts is more than 500 words and must have takes more than 5 minutes by you to read till here ( and thank you!)  but you must have understood well till now and the reason is that you may comment in this post (Once Again Thank You!).
Therefore try to explain every bit of knowledge which you know so that your audience gets no problem in understanding it.

Tip: Always mention the audience once again at last and request them to share their thoughts about post.

7- Bad Language -

Don't try to use bad language with your audience as they are the only ones who make your blog popular therefore you should treat them like special guests and give them freebies and many other things which will make them more interactive with your blog.Using of bad words may irritate your visitors and make them quit your blog forever!. Some examples of bad language is shown below ( These are just examples and  not for you my friend! ) -

1- Like Us OR Go from here !
2- You *** .
3- ETC.

Examples of good language -

1- My dear loyal readers
2- Thank You Very Much
3- Come back again
4- Please Share your thoughts
5- Etc.

I think you must have understood the difference between them and try to avoid the bad language.

8- Unreadable Text -

Really there are many blogs which use font which is unreadable by audience therefore try to use simple font which is easy for readers to understand and try to use simple backgrounds also as they text which are placed in dark backgrounds are difficult to focus ( It's a scientific fact! ) .

What Do You Think ?

So these were some reasons which causes no comments in a blog , hope you like them and share also through the share buttons and do subscribe us for regular updates and freebies. By the way do you think there is any point missing here? if yes then do share it through comments and be happy :)

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