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Awesome Tips To Create Killer Content For Your Blog

10/20/2015 2 Comments

When it comes to blogging writing killer content is not an easy task as it requires good amount of hard work and knowledge.The main factor through which a blog ranks is it's content.
Without killer and awesome content a blog in not able to attract visitors to convert in subscribers therefore in this posts i have shared awesome tips which will help you to create killer and quality content for your blog.

What Does Killer Content Stands For ?

This question may have come in your mind if you are new to blogging so let me tell you that Killer Content has no relation with death or murder ( Sorry But Need To Tell :) ) and the real meaning of killer content in the content which is too awesome and unique which can attract visitors towards it.
In easy words killer content means the content which can easily defeat your oppositions due to its quality and uniqueness.

Does Your Blog Needs Killer Content ?

Of course yes ! a blog without killer content may not get ranked well in SERP'S (Search Engine Result Pages ) and will definitely get less traffic. A blog having non-unique and bad content may get traffic in first 6 months but after than the traffic may get dropped to zero! 
Therefore a blog must have unique and killer content if you want to rank it well in SERP'S and to get good amount of traffic.

Awesome Tips To Create Killer Content -

So lets start discussing about some tips which will help in creating high quality and killer posts -
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1- Be Unique 

The first thing to focus before making a killer post is to be unique first. Try to posts a thing which is unique on net and is not available on any other blog or site. Unique title can only make a post killer and that's why try to share things which you think is unique.
If you are blogger in a niche like gaming , or any other niche in which you cant create unique titles then your main objective should be unique content but if you are in a niche like Blogging then  try to only share unique and quality content.

2- Be Descriptive 

The main property of killer content is that it is descriptive and have more than 600-700 words.
Therefore try to make less posts but posts which are descriptive and more than 600 words. 
For example this post is more than 500 words which make it a descriptive post.
More words don't mean to provide foolish words but mean to provide as more knowledge and facts which will definitely help you readers to understand a post.
If you are a regular reader of this blog then you may have noticed that all the posts are more than 500-550 words and that's the reason why these posts are ranking well in SERP'S.
Here is a image which shows how posts of this blog are ranking -

There are many other posts which are ranked well in SERP'S but i will not mention them here.
So as you can see that the article which is unique ranks well in SERPS therefore try to post unique posts with unique titles which will definitely help you to create killer content for your blog.

3- Use Images 

It is said that one image can do the work of 100 words therefore using images in your posts will not only help you to increase your traffic but also help your readers to understand more better.
Try to use one image after each 300 words which will make the post interesting and can be easily understood by your audience.
Think of a book which has no image in it then will you be interested in reading it ? I don't think so and the same happens in blogging.
The posts without images look like boring and some visitors may quit the page even without reading it.
Try to use as many as images as you can in a post which will help you to create killer content easily.
A post must contain at least one image but try to use more as you can see in this post.

4- Blog For Passion 

Never think to blog for earning money but for passion. The bloggers who are just focused in placing ads to earn money never get successful in their blogging journey.
Firstly create a thing which help your readers and then slightly move to monetization.
Start a blog on a niche which you think as your favorite and forget about any other niche.
The main reason is that if you select a niche in which you're expert then your brain will automatically give you unique ideas about it.

5- Treat Each Post As A Book

You should always treat a post like a book which is ultimately made to increase knowledge of others.
As in a book the author covers many topics the same you should do by dividing your posts in many sections and explaining them briefly which will help you to create killer content for your blog.
 Try to explain each and every thing which relates with the post title and content which will not only help you but your audience also.
You should provide something new to your audience rather than the knowledge which is already shared on the net.

6- Be SEO Friendly 

Try to make each and every post SEO friendly not only by putting meta tags and keywords but also using professional tone of writing. Always use descriptive and simple words which are easy to understand and can be understood by everyone. Write An Attractive Search Description and an attractive permalink which will help you to rank your killer content more well in Search Engines.

What Do You Think ?

So these were some tips which will help you to create killer content for your blog.
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By the way please share your experience after using these tips through comments and let me know your tips also.
Be Happy And Good Luck For Your Blog :)

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