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How I Use MailChimp To Boost My Blog Traffic

10/29/2015 No Comment

Are you having some email subscribers for your blog ? If yes then let me tell you to that MailChimp will help you to make those subscribers your permanent visitors. You must be using feedburner for sending recent posts to your email subscribers but those emails don't work too easily on every subscriber therefore using any email marketing software may help you to get control of your every subscriber and let you to boost your blog traffic easily.
So having no more chit chat let's start discussing the most popular email marketing software which is MailChimp.

What Is MailChimp ?

MailChimp is used by millions of users but 90% of them are marketers who just use it to get more sales but it can also be used by bloggers to boost their blog traffic and for free. Yes MailChimp offers free plan also but some limitations.

Do You Need MailChimp ?

Generally we treat our email subscribers very easily and that's what makes them feel that they are not getting any advantage of subscribing you as they are getting the things which are for every one and not specially for them and the ultimate thing which they do is unsubscribe your blog.
Do you want your subscribers to quit to your blog ? I don't think so as every blogger wants to make his brand or blog famous therefore in this post i will share you the tricks i use through MailChimp which lets me get back a folk of traffic from my dear loyal subscribers. And let me tell you that this blog subscribers are already enjoying special tips and posts which you may also get after subscribing this blog.

How Can MailChimp Help You ?

As said above that you can use this awesome software to send special gifts to your subscribers very easily rather than opening Google mail and sending it in too much time. MailChimp can help you to track each and every click that your subscribers do and track the opens of your mails which will be beneficial for you.
Here is a look at a special post which i send recently to my subscribers -

So as you can see that i send special posts to my subscribers which usually attract them and let them be active for this blog. It's a human mind which gets happy for every gift and that's what happens to them also. After receiving these free gifts they get more and more attracted towards this blog and usually become returning visitors to this blog.
Here is how the MailChimp Dashboard looks -


It's really very easy and smooth User interface which helps me easily to create any campaigns and send it to all my subscribers in just seconds !

You can easily create your free account and start sending free gifts as well as latest posts from your blog through Blog Feed feature of MailChimp which will definitely help you to grab more traffic as well as subscribers.

How You Can Earn Money Through MailChimp ?

Yes , you can earn money by using MailChimp ! just by becoming affiliate and showing MailChimp Logo in your emails and whenever any person joins MailChimp through the link you make money.

How Was Your Experience ?

I hope you liked this post and must be using the software i discussed above.
By the way if you feel any problem in using this software let me know it through comment and i will definitely help you. 
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Happy Blogging :)

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