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How To Create Perfect Logo For Your Blog ?

10/23/2015 4 Comments

Making a valuable brand is not an easy task but after making it valuable the most important thing you require is a logo. A logo is a thing which makes your blog differ from other blogs and therefore you need to create a sensible and unique logo for your blog or brand.
Today in this post i will share you some tips which will help you to design a perfect logo for your blog or brand which will be very useful for you later.
So lets discuss the importance of logo in internet world -

Is Logo Important ?

Yes , it is as it is the thing which makes you and your blog unique and helps your audience to better understand your blog or site. There are many blogs which don't have a logo as a result they are unable to make a valuable and sensible blog.

Types Of Logo -

There are two types of logo in which one is simple text and one image. Both are good but logo with image has more uniqueness and quality. Having only a simple or stylish text logo may not make your logo unique as it should contain at least one logo image or brand image.

How To Create Perfect Logo For Your Blog ?

So below are some tips which will help you to create perfect logo for your blog or website -

1- Determine Niche -

The main thing which you need to focus before developing a logo in the niche in which the blog or website is otherwise people will be unable to understand the brand properly.
For example as this blog is in blogging niche therefore i have included a small and unique blogger vector icon in it -

The Logo must be well designed and have good resolution otherwise it may get blur on focusing it.
As said above that a logo must contain a good icon it otherwise it will not attract the audience when advertising it on net or any other place. Always choose an icon which is unique in design and color.
For example you must have seen that almost every social network has different logo with different colors which helps to reach audience easily.

2- Choose Unique Brand -

Don't ever use a name for logo which is already used on it. There are many blogs which use same logo and title in the blog which makes a confusion on the visitors. For example if you want to make a blog having niche gaming niche and then if you try to name it as "gameportal" then it will surely not get ranked well as that keyword is already by other blog and already has ranking on SERP'S.
Take another example if i had named this blog as blogger tricks then this blog may not have ranked well as the keyword is already used by thousands of blogs therefore i named it as My Blogging Arena which suits good and matches the niche and the main thing that it has a niche keyword in it which is Blogging. For example i made a logo for my free uploading service which looks like -

Though it is not too attractive but contains a unique brand name as well as a icon which related to uploading and that's what you need to focus on when designing a logo.
Lets take another example of MBT a popular blogging niche blog have this logo -

You may not be able to see the logo properly but you should be able to see the icon which related to the niche and is colorful too which makes it count in a good logo.

What Do You Think ?

So these were two simple tips which will help you in designing a perfect logo for your blog.
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By the way which tips did you use to design your logo ? Share them to me through comments -

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  1. Each company or business should have their own unique logo to give their business their own brand.

    1. Thanks Leah Graham.
      Keep Coming & Do Subscribe :)

  2. A logo is something beyond a beautiful picture for clients to take a gander at while they utilize an item or services. It's the image of a whole brand, a logo that decides how individuals feel about that specific organization. For organization image and value you should hire a professional logo designerfor design perfect logo for your organization.


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