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How To Select Perfect Template For Your Blog ?

10/26/2015 3 Comments
In blogging there are many things which every one needs to focus like SEO , Posts , Template , etc.
I have already shared you many SEO Tips but now in this post i will tell you how you can select perfect template for your blog. You may select your template according to features but need to focus on certain tips which are stated in this post , so continue reading this post and at last do share it with your friends.

Should You Use Blogger Default Template ?

This question may have come up in your mind therefore the ultimate answer that if you are a good designer and template developer then you may convert simple looking design to a revolutionary one but if you have no designing skills then the default blogger template is poor as it is not responsive as well as bad looking and may ruin user experience of your blog.
Almost 90% of blogs use custom made templates so that their blog looks attractive.

Does Template Determine Blog Ranking ?

The answer may be yes if the template you choose is perfectly SEO optimized and designed well.
There are many factors which a template can change about your blog which includes  speed , SEO , meta tags , design etc. 
Therefore as content is important for a blog similarly a good template is required for every blog.

Tips For Selecting Perfect Template -

1-  Be Niche Friendly -

Try to use a template which matches your blog niche like use tech templates if working on a tech blog , portfolio template if working on pics blog etc. which will help you to make a better user interface for your audience and make it easier for your audience to make way through your blog.
Using tech template on food blog or any other blog will make your blog look bad therefore try to be niche friendly and use the template which matches your blog niche.

2- Be Mobile Friendly -

Try to use as responsive theme as you can so that your mobile visitors don't face any problem in exploring your blog.There are many sites which provide free blogger templates in which mine favorite is Templateism which allows you to get perfect and responsive blogger templates for free.
You must have heard of google's new mobile algorithm which ranks mobile friendly sites in top positions Therefore according to this algorithm you must use a responsive template in your blog so that your blog don't get affected by this algorithm.

3- Check Out Testimonials -

If you are buying a premium template then firstly check out it's reviews and testimonials which customers are talking about. Also check out template reviews on various blogs and do check template demo so that you can find out any bug if there is in template. Testimonials are a great responses from the buyers and may help you in finding out best template for you.

4- Be Fast -

Always select a template which is fast and compressed so that half of your audience cant just go away without reading a single line. The average template size should be less than 5-6 MB , if greater than avoid using that template or your blog will become like a heavy game making your audience wait for your blog to load.

5- Be User Friendly -

Try to choose a template which is user friendly. Here user friendly means for font style , text-size , text-color etc. which will directly affect your audience reading experience.
Choose a template which has simple font installed in it so that your visitors don't find any problem in reading the content. Choose a template which has good color scheme which do not disturbs your audience to read the blog.

Final Verdict -

So these were some of the tips which will help you in selecting a perfect template for your blog.
By the way do you use any other tip in finding out best template  ? if yes then let me know it by sharing it through comments. 
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Be Happy And Be Safe :)

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  1. Hi, Nitishk i really liked your blog and all mind and effort you have put in it. I have a website and it would be great if you could visit it and tell if our template is fine for adsense? Is it responsive or not? Because I am really confused.
    Here it is -

    1. Hi, Hownwhys.
      I checked your blog and found that you're using a good and responsive template from a well-known publisher. Yes, you can use this template for Adsense.

      Keep Coming & Do Subscribe ;)


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