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8 Ways To Increase Your Blog's Page Speed Insights

10/16/2015 No Comment

Hello bloggers today i will tell you some basic tricks to increase your google page speed insights.
Generally many bloggers don't focus on the speed of their blog which is not good for the seo therefore this post is for them. Have you checked your google page speed insights? if not then check it now and see your page speed score, if it is more than 60-65 than your blog speed is good and if it is less then you need to work hard to solve it.

What is page speed insights ?

As said above that page speed insights tell about the speed and interface of a blog.You can check your own page speed insights here . So what's your score ? is it above 60 or below? if it is below then you must follow these steps to increase your page speed insights-

Increasing The Blog's Page Speed Insights -

So here are some of the steps which will help you increase your page speed insights score and let you decrease your blog loading time-

1- Minify The CSS -

So firstly you should minify your Css so that it can be compressed and reduce the size of your blog. There are many Css minify tools in which i like the most is this one.
When you minify your Css all the unnecessary gaps are removed and the comments in the Css are removed which decreases the size of the page but makes it hard to understand it.
The one which you should minify is the predefined Css which comes in custom templates.

2- Don't Use Too Much Hosted Files -

The files which are hosted on other servers take a long time to be rendered by the browser rather than integrating them in template which will help you to definitely increase your page speed insights.
If you use many css or js files which are hosted outside then you should directly save them by using <style></style> and <script></script> classes in your blog's template.

3- Place Heavy Files In Last -

You should always place heavy or big Css or Js files in the end of document so that the main content should load first rather than the big files which will help you to increase your user experience and page speed insights also.

4- Use Compressed Images -

You should optimize and compress your images so that to decrease their size which will directly effect the page speed.We know that after compressing the images their quality gets bad but if you are having a blog with big chunk codes then compressing images is must for you so that your audience cant quit your site. 

5- Don't Use More Than One Framework -

I have seen many bloggers using more than two frameworks in their blog which causes serious big troubles in their blog page speed insights.You should always use only one framework so that your blog cant be too big to load.

6- Avoid Redirection -

Try to avoid redirection of your blog from one URL to another as it only increases the time to open a blog and specially the CC-LTD redirection which redirects as it wastes about 2-3 Seconds of your visitors to redirect.

7- Use Minified Scripts -

There are many sites which provide un-minified version of their Css and scripts therefore you should always use the minified versions , and try to minify most of the things in your template so that to reduce the blog loading time. Many scripts like jquery , google apis , etc. are un-minified which cause increase in your blog loading time.

8- Optimize Mobile Version Of Your Blog -

Try to optimize the mobile version of your blog like removing pop-ups , increase link size , avoiding  redirects etc. will surely help you to increase your blog page speed insights! and will increase your blog's user experience also.

Need Any Help ?

So these were some of the tips to increase your blog page speed insights and if you find any problem simply put your query in comments and do subscribe us for daily updates and freebies :)

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