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Reasons Why Google Don't Index Your Blog Properly

10/31/2015 No Comment

Okay so i have given you many tips on creating  good posts for your blog but getting them indexed is also an important part as without the indexing of your blog you cant get audience read that content which will directly affect your blog traffic and maybe your earnings also.
Therefore in this post i have shared you the reasons why google don't index a blog properly and don't show your blog links in the search results which directly affects your blog traffic.

What Does Index Really Means ?

As you know that i focus on each of my audience therefore you may be not able to understand this term therefore let me explain it to you-
Index simply means crawling or storing a link in database of a search engine. If a URL is indexed properly then there are chances to show it in the search results but if it is not indexed then chances of showing the links is not too much. Therefore indexing of a blog is an important part in SEO and makes a blog rank well in search results.

What If You Have A Personal Blog ?

Hmm. nice question ya! So let me tell you that if you are making a personal blog then there is a option in blogger which will help you to not let google index your blog through which you readers will be only one who you want to read. Here is how you can do it -

You can find this option through settings of your blog and then clicking on "no" will tell google to not index your blog.

How To Check If Blog Is Indexed Or Not ?

It's simple first go to any search engine and then type your blog name and hit the search button then if you find your blog in the list you can say that your homepage is ranked but what about posts ?
Here is how to check them also -
Go to google and search for site:
Replace yourblogurl with your URL and see if your posts are coming in results.
Here is how this blog posts show in google -


Note- Only few URL's are shown in image as there are about 25 links indexed of this blog which you can manually see by searching for site: on google.
Sorry but i am taking a time to come to main points as i am trying to explain you everything about indexing but now you'r wait is over and here are the reasons why google don't index your blog properly-

Here Are The Reasons Why Google Don't Index Your Blog Properly -

1- Content Is King !

I have tell this line to you many times and telling you again because google first aim is to check for content whether it is unique or not and if it finds the content irrelevant then the ultimate thing which it does is not index that URL. 
Almost 60% of blogs are having copied content through which those blogs don't rank on the google and bloggers thing that Google is jealous of them ! 
This post is already explained many times therefore i will not tell much more about it to you and continue to second reason-

2- Too Small Is Not Too Good !

Really i have seen that the results which are shown in google are having more than 500 words and then ones having less than 400 words come after 5th page or maybe not come in the results!
It is already said by Neil Patel that the reason why his blog ranks so fast is the amount of words h write. It is average 2000 words in his all posts ! then how will Google neglect those posts ?
Really posts having 1000+ words ranks 3x faster than the 500 words posts!
This post till now is having 700 words i don't know where it will end! 
Therefore firstly try to write unique and then try to write more!

Why More Than 500 Words Are Necessary ?

So let me tell you the scientific reason of this line which is that in a survey the posts having more than 500 words are easily understood by the readers then the small ones and the reason for this is more words ! The more words will definitely tell more (Excluding The Jokes !  )

3- No Use Of SEO -

No doubt having a excellent content will help you rank faster without doing SEO but doing some basic SEO things are required. Think of a answer having no question ! then will you be able to understand the answer properly ? I don't think so as this is my own experience ! 
Some basic things like Post permalink , Search Description , Meta Tags , Labels Are always required for a blog so that it can rank well in the search results.

4- No Images -

Hmm. Still Thinking ? But yes the posts without images don't rank well in the search results.
Still confused ? Try to search for anything and see that 90% of those links must be having at least one image. According To Neil Patel For every 300 words there should be one image through which your audience can understand the post and cant also get bored !

5- Non Unique Titles -

Really have you ever find a search result page of google having two or more same titles exactly ?
Probably you will never find it as google always shows different posts with unique titles in the results.
For example if you're writing on SEO then the first title which came in your mind may be -
What is SEO ?
But your article may not get ranked well as this title is already used by thousands of blogs therefore you must have used the title -
Why SEO is the Blog Ranker !
This title may have ranked more well than the first therefore try to use unique titles for your posts for more chances of indexing.

It's Up To You Now -

So these were some reasons why google don't index a blog , hope you liked this post and do share it with your friends.
By the way did these tips worked for you ? Share your feedback through comments and do subscribe us for more great posts delivered to you for free !
Happy Blogging And Good Luck :) :D

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