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Releasing Ng Framework - Fastest Web Developing Framework!

10/10/2015 No Comment
Releasing NgFramework !

For This past two weeks i was busy in developing my own new framework which is called as Ng Framework And Which Is Probably Fastest Web Developing Framework!.
Firstly Sorry That I Was Not Able To Post But Now Your Wait Is Over!. For This past week you must have seen an awesome alert in this blog talking about Ng Framework But now It Is Finally Released! .
So Let's Talk About It-

What Is Ng Framework?

It is the fastest web developing framework which is mobile first and have awesome widgets which include Floater (New) , Alert , Buttons , Codebox And Much More.. And For Free :)
From Now On Wards All our blog's and site's will be using this framework which is ultimately light and fully responsive!

Is It Free?

Of course it is for free and available to every one. To Add It In Your Blog Or Site Just Paste This Code Below  <head> section in your template-

<link href='' rel='stylesheet'/>

Can It Be Customized ?

Yes The Framework Is Fully Coded By Me Therefore In this framework there is almost no !important tag used which will help in customizing this framework easy. By The Way I Will Also Publish some articles on it. 

Is It Compressed?

Yes the version which is available now is minified which will be super fast for your site/blog.
The Second Version Is In Construction Which Will Include Many New widgets like sidebar floater , new style pagination etc. 

Why I Created My Own Framework?

This question must have came in your mind therefore the reason is that i wanted to create my own framework which is very fast and easily to learn. Though Bootstrap was available but customizing it was too difficult due to presence of !important tags in it , also it was too big in size which increased the page size therefore i thought to create my own one and the result you are seeing now!

                               Get Ng Framework

Some Features-

  •  Mobile Ready
  •  Font Awesome Compatible
  •  Made For Developers By A Developer
  •  Awesome Widgets
  •  Mobile First Designs
  •  Easy To Learn
  •  Unique Widgets!
  •  And More...

Is It Update Ready?

Yes It Is ! To Receive Notifications About New Widgets And Versions Subscribe us through sidebar widget. 


This framework is fully licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 License Therefore Copying Or Pasting The Css Is Illegal!

Did You Liked It?

Hope this project will help you to make your blog and site much more easier and attractive.
By The Way did you used it ? if not then use it now to check it's awesome widgets! and do leave your suggestions here :)

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