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Tricks To Triple Your Email Subscribers Easily !

10/17/2015 2 Comments

Now a days in blogging email subscribers are  important part for blogging to increase your sales as well as traffic but getting them in your hands is not an easy task therefore today i will share you some tricks which will definitely help you to double or even triple your email subscribers. There are many bloggers who think that email subscribers are just waste of time but forget that they are the main! Yes they are ones who are future  comers to your blog.Email subscribers are the only ones which will always come to your blog.
So let's start talking about it below-

Do You Need Email Subscribers ?

Yes , because the're the only ones who you can think as blog lover and your dear loyal reader's , the people who come form other sources just get what they want and go away but subscribers really love your blog and expect something more from us therefore email subscribers are really important for every blog. So now i'm sharing you some tricks to increase your email subscribers -

Tricks To Increase Your Email Subscribers -

1- Make An Awesome Subscribe Box -

The reason why 50% of your subscribers don't subscribe you is because they cant find a way to subscribe you.There are many bloggers who don't place an subscribe box in their blog then how will anybody subscribe ? Similarly  some make a subscribe box with no text which is not able to attract a visitor to become as a subscriber , therefore you should always make a beautiful subscribe box with attracting keywords like-

Subscribe Us To Get Awesome Posts In Your Inbox
Get Awesome Updates In Your Inbox By Subscribing Us
Want More Awesome Blogging Materials? If Yes Then Subscribe Us (The One Which I Use)
As you can see that these lines are attractive and helps you boost your subscribers. You can make other attractive lines also and do share them to me :) . 

Pro-Tip: Always Use attractive background in your subscribe box for more attraction!

2- Offer Free Gifts To Subscribers-

I have seen this trick used by many bloggers as first they make an e-book and then offer it to their subscribers the same you should do by giving them free articles and awesome things according to your blog niche which will definitely help you triple your subscriber. According to a survey if you offer a free gift to subscribers then the chance of increase of subscribers increase to 80% !
Here is the pic of subscribe box which Neil Patel use in his blog Quick Sprout -


Isn't it looking attractive and awesome ? Really It is and the reason why Neil Patel has over 50 thousands  of subscribers! if have personally asked him! As you can see that he is offering a free course for his subscribers and that's what attracts his audience.
Here is a look of subscribe box used in this blog-


This one also looks attractive as it is having a clean design as well as nice look and that's the reason it increased this blog subscribers.

3- Use Popup's -

Sometimes visitors just neglect the subscribe box so then in that case to double your chances of subscribers use popups as used in this blog-


This is a popup which shows when you open this blog , isn't it looking attractive ? 
I have received 80% subscribers from this popup and 20% from the box ! Now did you find a the difference? I think yes as the popup blinks on the screen in which  all the attraction of visitors goes on it rather than subscribe box which is on the left side of the blog and the focus of reader in on the content.

4- Provide What You Offer -

Don't think that you can fool your subscribers , if they can subscribe your blog then they can also unsubscribe you anytime and the reason would be you. Providing Fake offers to your subscribers can result in zero subscribers of your blog. For example if you offered a free e-book the you must give it to them or the trust they made on you will be crushed like a tin can!
Here is how i send a special post for my subscribers -

Sorry but this image is cropped. As you can see that i give many new posts weekly to my subscribers which really attracts them through which many of them also invite their friends to subscribe this blog.
Note - If You want to receive same special loyalty then Subscribe Us
 I think this post is going long but reading this will surely increase your knowledge so lets continue discussing about it , by the way you may take a break and then continue to read this post :)

5- Share Unique Things Only To Subscribers -

Don't let your subscribers feel bad about subscribing you always provide them unique things which you don't share publicly and make them think that they are happy to subscribe you. Using only Feedburner will not make your subscribers happy as they expect something new from you if they are your subscriber. 
Always try to share posts uniquely with your subscriber which are in your blog like this -

6- Share Personal Thoughts To Subscribers -

Rather than just sharing posts you should also share your personal experience and tricks to your subscribers and make them feel that the're in a family. Sharing only posts which are on your blog will not make your subscribers happy therefore try to share a unique thing at least one time in a week and then ask for the review. Boom you will see reviews full of joy and happiness of your subscribers.

7- Use Subscribe Box After Every Post -

Placing a subscribe box only in sidebar may not attract your visitors to subscribe but putting the same thing after each post may do the thing for you . Here is how i used subscribe box below all posts in my previous blog-

This trick will attract more of your visitors and let them think to subscribe your blog.

Tip: Make The Title More Attractive Then The Sidebar Subscribe Box!

Always use different catchy lines if you use subscribe box in many places which will let your subscribers think of new features of subscribing you each time.

What Do You Think ?

So this was a big detailed article which will help you to increase your email subscribers. 
By the way do you use any other trick which helped you to gain more subscribers ? If yes the  do share them to me through comments and subscribe us for daily updates with awesome freebies.
Happy Blogging :)

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