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7 Tips To Write Perfect Guest Posts !

11/11/2015 No Comment

So I'm back after a long vacation and with a new theme which is totally created by me , hope you like it and share your feedback here.
Making a perfect blog requires many things which include - nice writing skills , perfect images , SEO tricks etc. in which back-links also play a vital role.There are many ways of getting back-links in which some are organic and some inorganic.
Guest Posting is done by millions of bloggers either to get a back-link or money.
Let's find out how you can create perfect guest posts -

Is Guest Posting A Required Task ?

The answer depends on you as the main motive of the guest post is to get a back-link or get money which totally depends on your choice. There is no where written that without guest post a blog cant rank but it makes your blog more visible to the world which will directly help you in getting more traffic or even subscribers.
There are many blogs having high Page Rank but have less back-links as it totally depends on content you write.
Therefore if you think your writing skills are good then guest posting is a good way for you to earn a back-link or even money also !
Guest posting will not only give you a backlink or money but it will also help you to make relationship with the world.
Rather than just getting backlink you can get more respect and make more relationship with the world. 

How To Write Perfect Guest Posts ?

1- Be Natural -

Try to write as natural as you write for your blog.If you think you're giving benefit for giving your content then remember also what you'r getting (i.e - A Back-link Or Money ).
The more naturally you write the more post becomes easy to be understood by the audience.
Don't think that you're writing for other blog instead think of writing for your own blog which will definitely help you in getting the guest post approved.

2- Be Long -


The main thing which every blogger see in approving a guest post is the amount of words.
The more you write the more chances of getting guest post approved. Try to write more than 500 + words which will definitely attract the blogger to approve the guest post and that's why you're seeing this post ! 

3- Be Unique -

Try to be as unique as you can to approve your guest post. Think of like you're writing in your final exams and the more accurate you write the more marks you get ! (Just Example)
It is the most important in writing a guest post as unique posts rank higher in the SERPS than the non unique ones.

4- Be Attractive -

Try to use simple and attractive posts which will help the audience to understand more easily which will help you get more fame as well as readability also.
Don't use too much of links nor try to link your blog many times in the post which may let your guest post to be rejected which will waste your precious time. 

5- Be Descriptive -

Try to explain everything in the post which will not only increase the words but also help the audience to understand the whole post easily.Try to explain meaning of difficult words like I've done in this post.By the way if you cant understand anything in this post then i will definitely help you if you share the feedback through comments.

6- Be Friendly -

Don't use words or sentences which may get the audience bored or angry :( .
Make them laugh if you're writing a big post so that they have more interest in reading the whole post. If you write a post which is small as well as it has no good facts then they will close the post and find other way for their problem.

7- Use Images -

The posts with no images look like a book without images and makes no interest for visitors to read that post.Try to use more than 2 images in every guest post you write which will help you get the guest post approved as well as attract the visitors also.

How Was Your Experience ?

So these were some of the tips which will help you write perfect guest posts.Hope you like this post and if so do share it with your friends.
By the way after applying these tricks was your guest post approved ? Let me know your feedback through comments.
Happy Blogging :)

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