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8 Awesome Tips To Get Creative Post Ideas !

11/13/2015 2 Comments

Every Blogger wants to create unique content for his blog but everyone don't have the capability to get unique and creative post ideas therefore today i will share you some tips which will help you to get unique as well as creative post ideas which will help you to create finest content for blog.
So what are you waiting for ? Let's Start -

Does Your Blog Needs Creative Content ?

Yes the main thing which your blog needs is Creative And Quality content which attracts the audience as well as search engines and which ultimately benefits your blog.
The moment you start writing copied content the moment search engines will start rejecting your blog which may ultimately led to zero traffic of your blog.

What Does Creative Content Really Means ?

HaHa gotcha , the question which may have came up in your mind , so let me tell you that creative content is he content which usually attracts the audience due to its uniqueness and creativity.
Creative Content is the content which don't look like boring nor it is , and which is totally different from other content.

What's The Difference Between Unique And Creative Content Then ?

Both are just like same but the main difference is that unique content is that content which is not found everywhere whereas creative content is unique as well as interesting too.
But for writing creative content the most important thing is a creative post idea or title.

Tips To Get Creative Post Ideas -

So here are some of the tips through which you will be able to get creative post ideas -

1- Track Your Blog -

Firstly track your blog by searching for posts which have been trending and getting comments and then try to publish same type of article cause it will be more liked by your audience rather than the other ones which get less traffic or comments.
The main fact about this tip is that the type of post which has already been liked by your audience will definitely be liked in future also.
For example - If a boy likes fruits then he will always choose fruits when he is given choice between fruits and bread.

2- Research Everywhere -

Search in google for blogs which are of same niche and read their articles so that you can adopt their style which is attracting search engines. For example if you're in a tech niche then read popular sites like mashable , tech crunch , etc. which will help you understand the professional tone of writing and getting creative post ideas.

3- Check Out What's Trending -

Check out the things which are most searched on the net in your niche as people will like that content which is new and attractive. For example if android 6.0 is popular then write articles of android 6.0 rather than android 2.2 which is somewhere vanished in search engines.
People always want to get latest news rather than the old ones which they've already read on the net.

5- Choose Attractive Post Titles -

Always choose unique and attractive post titles which will definitely attract the audience.
For example -
If you choose a title - Features Of  Android 6.0 , then it will definitely not rank well in SERPS as this title is already choose by thousands of bloggers.
But If you choose title like - 6 Best Features OF Android 6.0 , then it will look attractive as well as unique also.

6- Choose Descriptive Titles -

Always choose post titles in which you can write more than 500 words so that the post becomes more descriptive and attracts the search engines also.
Choosing small titles like - Name Of Android 6.0
Then will you able to write more than 100 words in this title ? 
Therefore always choose a descriptive title like - Android 6.0 And It's Pros And Cons
Which will make a lot easier for you to write more about it.
I've seen this strategy used by many professional blogs including mashable and tech crunch.

7- Become Master In Your Niche -

Try to read as much articles as you can in your niche to upgrade your creativity as well as writing skills.
The moment you know all things about your niche the moment you will definitely get unique ideas automatically which will definitely help you to get creative post ideas.
If you're an expert then you know how to solve each problem and the same happens here as you will cover each topic in your niche which will definitely boost your rankings.

8- Choose The Best -

Firstly make 4-5 titles from the above tips and then choose the best 1-2 titles which you think are good and then write them first and see what happens to your blog ! Boom Your traffic will increase just because you selected best from the best of you.
The same i do as i first add some posts in drafts and choose the one which looks more attracting and interesting. 

Final Verdict :

So these were some of the tips which will help you to get creative post ideas , hope you liked them.
Sorry as today i was not in mood of joking which may not make you laugh. 
By the way do you have some more tips ? If yes then do share them to me through comments.
Good Luck And Peace Buddies :)

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  1. Creativity skill will bring good changes in our thoughts, it helps to improve our innovative ideas and personal skills. So to develop creative ideas, we should take positive steps and follow expert advice. Here also we have found some creative ideas on how to utilize our creative skills through different sources. Thanks for such wonderful tips.
    Creativity Coach

    1. Thanks Ethan for your kind words! Keep coming but please don't spam! :)


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