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Best Advantages Of Using Own Made Template

Nitishk Gupta 11/20/2015 2 Comments
advantage of using own made template

In the world of blogging,template is becoming important thing and if you create your own then you have many advantages shown in this post.
Almost 90% of bloggers use custom made templates which are created by other developers.
Today i am sharing you the advantages of using own made template as I've also switched to my own made theme.
So here are some of the advantages of using own made template -

Does Every Professional Needs To Create A Template ?

If you're in blogging field for a long time and have web developing skills then you should create your own template and use it on your blog which will give it a unique as well as attractive look.
I've seen 80% of Pro Bloggers using a unique theme which is not found on the internet so that their blog design will be unique in the world.
I'm not forcing you to create your own template but just suggesting you because of some advantages given below.

Advantages Of Using Own Made Template -

So these are some advantages of using own made template which i'm sharing to you as I've also done the same and found these advantages -

1- Full Control Over Blog -

The main advantage of using own made template is that you've full control on your blog as you're the one who has made it.
You can add sections , widgets , etc. things which will be very easy rather than creating them in templates which are created by others.

2- No Encrypted Codes -

Usually the template creators encrypt some codes so that they can  protect their backlink which usually results in a bad structure.
But if you create your own template then you will definitely try to make it good as you can which will definitely result in a attractive template.

3- You The Creator And Solver -

You're the own who created it and own who will solve the bugs too , but in case of templates made by other's you will face many problems in solving the bugs in it.And usually template creators reply very late or even don't reply to your problems .

4- No Backlink Problem -

Usually every template have a backlink to the template creator if the template is for free.
But that backlink looks not good if you're also an coder which ultimately drops your impression on your audience but when you create your own template , your audience knows that you are a coder and create templates too.

5- More Job Offers -

Yes this usually happens when you create your own template. The blogger's who are looking for an unique template choose 90% of bloggers who use their own made templates as this shows your ability to create a template.

6- Easy Customization's -

If you've created your own template then you know each and every thing of it which will definitely help you in future to customize it easily as you've created it and know the whole layout of it.
But in other templates the codes are compressed as well as minified which creates the problem of customizing them.
If you're the creator than you know almost every class of your template which makes it easier to apply CSS on them but in other made templates you have no ideas that which thing is having what class ?

7- Own Copyrights -

As you've created the template the you're the one who has full credits and copyrights of it.
But in case of other template they've their own copyrights for the template like the backlink and in case they found you removing their backlink , they will surely complain about it leading to your blog removal.

What's Your Opinion ?

So these were some advantages of using own made templates , hope you like them and share it on social media.
By the way what do you think - Should A Coder Create A Template Or Not ?
Share your opinions through comments and i'll surely reply to them.
Happy Blogging :)

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