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6 Best Image Optimization Tricks For Bloggers

11/08/2015 No Comment

Your blog must be optimized for search engines (and that's a good thing!) but are you forgetting something else ? yes it is images , you also need to optimize them !
When it comes to blogging every blogger just thinks of completing the posts and hitting the button which everyone likes , Oh common Publish Button ! Really it also applies to me also but optimizing your images is also a necessary task to get your images indexed also.
Therefore today in this post i will tell you how you can optimize your images for better results and more traffic.

Is Image Optimization Necessary ?

Okay i got it , this must be your first question and the answer is Yes !
Getting your content indexed is not sufficient but images are also needed to be indexed. Think of two kids in which one gets toffee then the other one will definitely cry :( , the same happens here images also feel lonely when the're not indexed. Therefore getting the indexed will not only make them happy but make you happy too (By Traffic!) .

Is Image Optimization A Difficult Task ?

Of course not as it is more simple then optimizing your content !
It may sound difficult when seeing the word optimization (Me Too When I Was Newbie!) but when you will understand it , image optimization will be just like a one finger work for you.
In this post i have shared the basic optimizations which will help you to optimize your images and let them show in google image search like this -


Sorry as there were approx 200 of images indexed and i am not showing them all.
You must be laughing , by seeing my face ! (HaHa) 
So do you want your images to show in results ? Why Not ! 

Does It Cost Something ?

No , it is totally free and requires only skills which will help you show your images in google images which will probably increase your blog traffic.Many think that showing results in google requires money but the thing is that google doesn't like so and focuses on unique and creative images.
Note- Non Unique Images Are Not Shown Again On Google !
Therefore think only for unique images to optimize as google may or always reject same images.

No More Chit Chat , Let's Start -

So below are some image optimization tricks which will definitely help you to optimize your images , carefully understand each trick and if you find any problem just share it through comments -

1- Alt Tags 

You must have heard this word before as it is most important in image optimization.
Alt tags or Alternate Text is a html tag through which a text is shown when the image is not loaded properly or there is some error. Generally alt tags work like meta tags for images and help in optimizing the images for search engines.
To Add alt tag in blogger simply click a image then click on properties and then add text in the Alt Box.

Some Tips -

Do not put tags with commas in alt text box like - blogger,facebook,google 
Google will get confused and may not index that image.
The proper alt tag looks like - role-of-facebook-google-in-blogger
Which looks like a great keyword and helps in indexing the image.

2- Image Name -

The title might sound weird therefore let me explain it -
Image name or you can say the file name of the image which is like image.png works like search description of images.
Try to include the image keyword in the image name.
For Example -
A Bad Image Name - blogging ,very good, helps , in , making , money
The Proper One - importance-of-blogging or features-of-blogging

3- Caption Tag -

Nowadays this tag is used very less but plays a vital role in optimizing an image,
It's simple just click on a image and then click on caption and finally add a text in the box.
For Example -
A Bad Caption Tag - review-of-this-blog
A Good Caption Tag - Review Of This Blog

So as you can see that in caption you need to keep the sentence simple and short which will help in determining the subject of the image.

4- Image Size -

Try to keep a image size which is not too small nor too big like the size used in this blog.
Try to use Large Size of image using blogger image bar which will help your audience to understand the image perfectly. 
Big images which covers the whole post width often confuses visitors.
Also google only index big images when it is a wallpaper or info-graphic.

5- Title Tag -

This tag will help your visitors to understand the subject of an image when someone hovers on it.
You can try this in the above images of this post and see the text coming when you hover on the image. This tag may not help the image in indexing but will definitely help your audience in understanding image subject which is more important.
Try to add title tag in each image of your each post which will make it easy for your visitors to understand your posts.

6- Use Simple Backgrounds -

Try to use simple backgrounds for your images so that they don't distract your visitors in reading the post.
Good backgrounds include -  white , light blue , or  any light color.
Bad backgrounds include - red , black , dark green or any dark color.

Again this will help you to make your visitors better understand the posts.
Tip- Use same background for images which is in your blog color scheme.

Did You Try Them ?

So these were some tricks which will help you to optimize your images for better indexing as well as to improve your posts readability. 
By the way did you tried these tricks ? If yes then share your feedback to me through comments and do share this post with your friends.
Happy Blogging :) 

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