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Can A Blog Rank Well Without Social Media ? - Solved

11/05/2015 No Comment

Creating unique content is the basic need of every blogger but getting traffic to it is a thinking part , they always try to find out a way through which they can get traffic to the posts and the ultimate free place is Social Media. Yes social media can help you get and increase your blog traffic and the main thing for free !
" Content Is King " this is the line which every blogger says but the real fact is that many other things like Social Media , Design , SEO , etc. are the warriors for the king. Imagine that will a king be able to fight a war lonely ? I don't think so except he is Hercules (Joke)  , therefore social media is also required to rank a blog well enough.
Let's discuss more about social media below-

What Exactly Is Social Media For Bloggers ?

In simple words social media is a free place to promote your posts and blog in front of thousands of visitors. To make a successful business or blog you definitely need to promote your service or product which is content in case of blogging.
With promotion your blog can rank much more faster than without promotion.
Think of an object you come to know through TV advertisement , would you able to know its name if you wouldn't have seen it on TV ? No one will know it until he see the product somewhere.

The Mistake Which Many Bloggers Do -

There are many bloggers who don't know the importance of social media and don't even make any social profile for their blog and the ultimate result is that they miss more than 30 % traffic from social media. Therefore what i suggest you is that after making a blog you should made its social profiles within 2 weeks and start sharing the blog posts on the social profiles which will definitely help 
you to get some visitors or even subscribers for your blog.
Here is the pic showing the posts shared on this blog's Facebook page -

So as you can see that i share this blog posts regularly on Facebook which helps me to get little bit of visitors which sometimes become blog followers.
You must have been seen that every popular blog has it's social profiles which help them to get regular traffic. Don't think of how may followers you have but just focus on sharing content on social media and see you will automatically get mote followers.
The other reason why visitors come from social media is that they find easy to explore a blog in social media rather than going to the blog daily and finding out the new posts.
They just want more and more easy way to find a blog and read the post which they like.

The Final Verdict -

So after discussing about social media the main result comes out to be that without social media a blog may rank but not as good as a blog having social media shares which makes an ultimate point that it is must for you to have social profiles for your blog with posts shared in it.
Tip: Try to share extra gifts and surprises to get more followers for your social profiles. 
There are many blogs which get more than 50% of its traffic from social media , then will you like to miss that big traffic ? No must have been your answer which again ultimately points to the same result.

What To Do Now ?

So this was an explanation why you should use social media for your blog.Hope you liked this post and if so do share it with your friends and subscribe us for daily updates.
So if you have social profiles , continue the social sharing but if you don't have social profiles for your blog then just now create them ! 
Good Luck And Happy Blogging :) 

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