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Can Everyone Do Blogging Perfectly ?

11/25/2015 No Comment

In the internet world the term "Blogging" is getting a quite popular. Everyone tries to say himself as a blogger or even Pro-blogger ! But really can everyone  do blogging perfectly to make money and a better life ? The answer is shown in this post , do read it and let me know what you think about the same.

Do You Blog Only For Money ?

Almost every blogger have this misconception that blogging is just for making money and  that's why they fail in future. 
If you've the same intentions then please clear it now that blogging can only be successful if you've passion in it and that's why 50% of bloggers fail to make a lively hood through blogging. But if you do blogging for passion and interest then i'm sure you'll be a successful blogger in future or may be in present (And That's A Good Thing!).

What Does It Require To Be A Blogger -

For becoming a blogger , the thing you require is just passion and interest and then all the things work easily for you. Most bloggers say that to be a successful blogger you need some cash in your pocket but wait ! that's incorrect as nowadays there are many CMS available which are for free  ! 
and through them you can express your talent for free ! But you require good writing skills.
Nowadays Hinglish Blog's are getting  popular as they get most of their traffic from India.
But you should write in English language so that you can cover all over the globe with your content rather then just focusing on a single country or language.
You should always blog on a niche in which you're interested in so that you don't get bored in writing posts about the niche.

Can A Blog Rank Well Without Top Level Domain ?

This was the factor used by search engines in old days but now the thing which search engines are looking for is unique and quality content , no matter where it is situated !
But there is always an advantage for TLD Domain Blogs as they rank faster ! I suggest you to use a TLD when you are earning from your blog and it is becoming popular so that you may increase the popularity rate of your blog more faster.

Basic Things Required For Blogging -

These are some basic things which you require for blogging -

* Passion
* Good Grammar
* Professional Tone
* Enough Knowledge 
* Simple SEO Knowledge
* Time
* That's Enough !

Yes if you have these things then you are able to do blogging perfectly and become a star blogger in your niche !

Does Blogging Have Any Age Factor ?

No , there is nowhere written that you should be at least this age old to do blogging and bla bla..
But the things you require are the above mentioned things. I'm not saying that a baby can do blogging (HaHa..) instead you need to have a mind which have the writing abilities.
But according to me a blogger must be at least 10 years old so that he can get unique and creative post ideas. The teen age is the age where one starts developing creative thoughts and start learning things easily.
In fact I Am Too Just 15 Years Old ! (Not Joking This Time!). Now you must be thinking that why i blog at this age and how i manage time to do blogging in study days ??  If yes then i'll probably tell you that in future. 

Why Most Fail ?

Many of bloggers fail as they either don't have interest in blogging or don't know how to do blogging or even is greedy for money !
The main thing which every blogger needs to focus on is content , without a good content a blog can never rank in Search Engines.

Final Verdict :

So the final result declares that Blogging Can't Be Done By Everyone ! as it requires hard working and interest which all don't have. But they can surely develop it by taking interest in blogging and reading blogs like this one.
Hope you liked the explanation and if so then do share it.
Leave your own feelings through comments and i'll surely reply to them.
That's All , Thanks !

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