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How I Manage My Time For Blogging As A Student ?

11/30/2015 3 Comments
do blogging as student

This question was asked by one of you in the last week ! Really a child blogger was there who asked me through our contact form that "Hi Nitishk , please tell me how do you manage your time to do blogging as a student as i'm also an student."
 I'll not mention his name as he told me that but really managing studies itself is a tough part for everyone therefore lets start the discussion -

Something About Me - 

I've not told about myself to you that's why i am giving you a short description here -

I Am Nitishk Gupta Who Is 15 Years Old (Not Joking !) from Aligarh , Uttar Pradesh , India studying in 11th Class In A School Named As Delhi Public School Aligarh .

As i said above that studies itself is a tough  part for every student and many struggle due to marks the get in their exams but then how will you manage your time for blogging ?

The Student's Life -

A student is always busy in doing tasks especially when he is in teen age as he has got to study , do home works , get marks , eat , enjoy , and more.. ! Really this also applies to mine life too !
After coming from school to home I'm so tired that sometimes i sleep without taking meal !
and it happens on my friends life too ! 
So here is how to manage your time -

Then How I Manage My Time ?

Nowadays I am active due to school holidays therefore i am able to give 2 hours to blogging  but they are just over :(  And tomorrow i'm sure i'll be not able to give required amount of time but i make that time for me ! Here is my schedule -

5:00 AM - Wake Up For School
6:10 AM - PePe ... School Bus Waiting !
7:00 AM - The School Life Starts (Periods Start ! :()
2:00 PM - Back To Home :)
3:00 PM - Finished The Eating Task And Get To Sleep !
5:00 PM - Wake Up (Don't Want To ! :D)
6:00 PM - The Study Starts !
7:30 PM - :) Finally The Blogging Time !
8:30 PM - Blogging Ends :(
The Schedule Starts Again Next Day !

So this was my busy schedule and I'm sure that i would be matching your's too !
So as you can see above that the time I've got for blogging is between 7:30 PM To 8:30 PM which is only 1 hour time gap in which i do all the works like surfing net , writing posts , reading posts, and much more.. 

Still Can't Manage Your Time ?

I was too ! Really when i was new to blogging then i saw my blog once in a week ! And posted once in 2-3 weeks ! And i'm sure you may have the same , but then when i got Blogging Addict i just focused on it leaving some other tasks like using FB , Twitter , Playing Games , etc. and you should too so that you may make time for blogging !
As you know that "To Gain Something , You Need To Loose Something !" , the same happens in our daily life.

Some Tips -

So the all thing i want to give in last are the tips -

  • Give At least 1 hour to blogging
  • Don't spend full time in blogging if you're a student 
  • If less than 18 then don't make blogging your job !
  • Ask Bloggers For Help Including Me !

Final Words -

So this was the post telling about my daily schedule , I don't tell it to everyone but as you're my dear loyal reader i am sharing it to you , do share it with your friends.
By the way do share your tips to me through which you manage your time so that they may benefit me also , through comments.
Happy Blogging And Good Luck ! :)

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