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How To Treat Your Email Subscribers Perfectly ?

11/07/2015 No Comment

Howdy bloggers firstly hope you are fine and enjoying :) and Happy Diwali to you !
Sorry i was unable to connect to you as nowadays i am busy in my studies :( and that's why i am unable to give proper time but today i am giving you some tips which will help you to treat your email subscribers perfectly and let them enjoy your blog subscription .
I have already discussed how you can increase your subscribers but treating them perfectly is also an important step so that your subscribers remain happy :)

How Can Email Subscribers Help You ?

I have told you many times that email subscribers are the forever audience of your blog meaning that they are the one who will come to your blog regularly through the daily updates you send to them which will help you get ever growing traffic .
Note- If subscribers can subscribe you they can also do the opposite if you don't treat them well !
Therefore treating your email subscribers perfectly is also an must do task so that you can keep ypur subscribers happy and updates with your blog.

Can Only Feedburner Help You ?

Most of the bloggers stay dependent only on feed burner but this is the mistake which they actually do as email subscribers are anticipated for special gifts and posts which they only receive and that't only the reason why they must have subscribed your blog. 
Here is how you can get your subscribers list from google feedburner -


By the above step you will be able to get the subscribers list and later use it on email marketing software's like MailChimp which will help you to get to next step.

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Treating Email Subscribers Perfectly -

Now you should follow these tips to treat your email subscribers perfectly -

1- Be Regular -

Try to be as fast as you can to send updates to your subscribers. Sending updates which are very old will not help you get the traffic , therefore try to send the updates daily as you write the new posts.
Give them new about the upcoming posts which will make them more excited to read them which will directly affect your blog traffic.

2- Be Unique -

Try to write unique and attractive post titles and description in the emails you send to them.
The main reason is that they will get more attracted if you send them emails with unique titles and description.

3- Send Free Gifts -

The thing which your email subscribers like most i the gift and everyone also like it :)
You can send them free gifts , e-books , offers , materials , etc which will help them to be happy and come to your blog regularly.
They will become excited to read your next posts and come regularly to your blog.

4- Be Advertisement Free -

Don't think of monetizing those emails with affiliate links or ads as they may dis-attract your subscribers leading them to unsubscribe.
Sometimes Gmail shows a red label in the ads emails and treat them as spam ! then do you want your emails to go into spam category ? Of course no !
If you are thinking that showing ads on the emails will make you money then it will but will definitely reduce your subscribers.

5- Be Friendly -

Don't send emails which may make your subscribers sad and even cry !
For example- If you send an email containing bad news like something bad has happened to you , etc.
These emails generally demoralize subscribers leading the to click on a button named as Unsubscribe.

6- Be Motivating -

Always use motivating words like happy day , happy blogging , have a nice day , etc. which will help your subscribers not get bored from your emails.
Always add lines like - Hope your blog gets more traffic , hope you become more famous etc. which will do the same as stated above.

What's Your Choice ?

So these were some tips which will help you to treat your email subscribers perfectly , hope you liked them.
By the way did you noticed any change in your blog traffic after using these tricks ? Let me know your answer through comments and do share this article with your friends !
Happy Blogging And Once Again Happy Diwali :)

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