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4 Tips To Select Perfect Affiliate Partner For Your Blog !

11/16/2015 No Comment

So you're a blogger and want to earn money through affiliates , right ? but you're not getting no sales ? If yes then this post is a must read for you so that you can determine your best affiliate partner and make more sales through it.
You may be using affiliate services like amazon associates , CJ affiliate , etc. but do you know that you may be doing a serious mistake which is been discussed in this post-

Adsense Vs Affiliate , Which Is Best ?

There are many ways in which you can make money through your blog in which adsense is most popular also you can make money through affiliates but who is best ?
The answer all depends on you , if you are having a blog with good traffic then you may use adsense but if you are having a blog related to products then you may use affiliates.
Therefore if you're having a blog having both qualities then use both adsense as well as affiliate as it will be a great mixture to boost your revenue.

Advantages Of Selecting Perfect Affiliate Partner -

There are many advantages of selecting an perfect affiliate partner which are -

  • More Sales Advantage
  • More Attractive Than Other Affiliates
  • More CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Perfect Ads
So these were some advantages of selecting perfect affiliate partner , hope you understand the importance of an perfect affiliate.

Selecting The Perfect Affiliate Partner For Your Blog -

So these are some basic tips which will help you in selecting best and perfect affiliate partner for your blog -

1- Be Niche Friendly -

Always partner with that affiliate program which matches with your blog niche which will increase the CTR and will help you to drive more sales.
For example - If you have a mobile review site then show only mobile affiliate ads either from Flipkart or Amazon , which will help you to attract more buyers.
If you select book affiliate partner on a movie blog then you will probably make no sales !
Therefore always be niche friendly and select only that affiliate which matches with your blog niche.

2-  Select One Whom You Trust -

There are many affiliate companies who show wrong statics just to save their money , therefore you should be careful about that.Select a affiliate partner whom you can trust just like amazon associates , CJ Affiliate , ClickBank , etc. 
Selecting a low level affiliate partner may waist your time as well as your money. 

3- Choose The Best -

There are always many affiliate partners available in any niche so select one which is trusted by more users and has good ratings. 
For example if you're in a shopping niche then amazon is best cause it is most used and trusted also and will definitely give more revenue to you.

4- Compare The Rates -

After choosing the best partners now you'll need to select one who is giving more % of commission to you so that you can make more money through it.
 I've seen great difference between the rates of amazon and other affiliate partners , therefore i suggest you to use amazon associates only if you have a shopping niche blog.

Final Verdict :

So these were some tips which will help you in selecting perfect affiliate partner for your blog to get more sales and make more money. Hope you liked these tips and shared it with your friends.
By the way if you find any problem in understanding these points , do let me know your problem through comments and I'll definitely help you.
Happy Blogging :)

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