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Are Comments Really Important For Any Blog ? - Solved

12/11/2015 No Comment
Are Comments Important ?

So you're a blogger and you want to get comments in fact who doesn't want to ? You must be excited to look at each and every comment in your blog and want to get more comments but are those comments having any importance ? The question may have came up in your mind and the answer is finally revealed in this post , share your thoughts at last through comments -

The  Myth -

Many bloggers say that a blog which don't have many comments is not popular but is this true ?
I don't think so , as I've seen many blogs which don't have any commenting system in their blog and they are nicely ranked in the search engines.
So will you still believe in this myth ? I don't think so but the question is still not answered ! 
Let's discuss more about it -

What Does Comments Really Mean  ?

Many bloggers have misconception that people comment when they like a post , but wait ! that's not the real meaning of comments , the real is -

Comments Work Like A Kind Of Feedback For Blogs , They Contain Personal Thoughts And Problems Of Readers.
And that's why I add some lines in end of each post which encourage you to comment and share your thoughts about the post.
I've never asked you to leave good comments about the blog nor you should as commenting is the best way  through which a reader can express his thoughts and problems.

What Types Of Comments Are Good ?

For me every comment is good even it is worse ! as it contains something valuable which is shared by a reader and you must treat all of them equally.
Many bloggers just focus on comments which are good for blog reputation and neglect others.
Take an example-
If you get this comments from your reader :

Nice Post ! Good Luck :D

Then I'm sure that you'll approve it in 2 seconds , and just go to the post to reply on the comment.
And now you get a comments like this -

This Post Is Not Good As It Is Not Unique :(

Then I'm sure that you'll not approve it , but why ? The reason is loyalty ! No one wants to show bad comments on his blog but these comments are more important than the good ones as the contain a valuable feedback about your blog.

So will you neglect those comments for your blog ? You may but do focus the feedback and try to solve or fix that problem and then I'm sure you'll automatically start getting good comments (My Experience).

The Answer -

So the question was - Are Comments Really Important For Any Blog ?
Now this is a typical question , in fact for me and here are my thoughts -
I think that comments are important for a blog as they work like feedback for a blog and makes others feel that this blog is good and makes them to subscribe a blog.
Everyone has different opinions , therefore this is a poll and submit your opinion about the same through it and let's see what others feel -

 Take The Poll -

Are Comments Really Important ? What Do You Think ?

Yeah , Sure !
Nope , I Don't Think So.
I'm Confused !
Poll Maker

Final Words :

So this post post about "Importance Of Comments For A Blog" , hope you like it and share it with your friends and followers. 
By the way did you answered the poll ? If not then do it right now and share your thoughts about it through comments , I'm waiting for them ! 
Happy Blogging And Thanks !

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