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Introduction To Building Blogger Template Series !

12/17/2015 4 Comments
Create Blogger Template

We all are bloggers but lets take a step forward and why not start creating blogger template ? Excited Huh ! I'm too cause I will take part in this whole series with you and at last the word you will speak is - I Made My Own !. If you read this post then you must have know this 5 days ago and you must be very excited about it but your wait is over ! This is an intro to this series which will help you to better understand this series.

The Parts -

So excited huh ! BTW did you noticed some parts having (Members Only) at their end ?
 Note - Some posts will be member only meaning that they will only be available to subscribers , If you want to receive those special posts then subscribe us now.

Intro To Parts -

Part 1 - The Basics And Introduction 

In this post i'll share you the basics of building any template and introduce you to  HTML , JS , CSS.
I'll tell you how blogger templates work using the XML trees (Not Real Ones !) , JSON.
If you know little bit things about the template developing then also read this posts as it will some like refresh your mind.

Part 2 - Building Basic Structure

So you must be already introduced to HTML , the web developing language and must have some coding work in your school then it will be more easier to you as the basic structure of blogger template is too coded in HTML but other new tags are also introduced in next post.

Part 3 -  Introduction To Blogger Tags And Concepts

As said above , here I'll introduce you with the blogger tags which will help you to add if , else queries , showing certain things on certain pages only , and much more..

Note- If You're Already Introduced With Programming Languages Like PHP , Python , Etc. Then It Will Be More Easier For You To Understand Blogger Tags.

I'll also introduce you new concepts which will help you to even change the look of your layout section ! by using simple CSS and adding a secret tag above the classes .

Part 4 - Making Structure Responsive 

I've already stated many times that you must use a responsive and clean template and that's what will be told to in in this post. If you don't know media queries then don't worry as i'll also introduce them to you in this post which will help you to make any template responsive.
Not only media queries but we'll also use blogger conditional tags to target on mobile devices which will help you in developing a new UI for your mobile visitors.

Part 5 - Extra Tips 

This is a top secret post ! send only to my dear loyal subscribers so if you're not one of them then do add you name in that list by simply subscribing us.
You must be knowing that this template is created by me and it's Page Speed Insights Score Is 80-90.
So i'll share you those secret tips to which will surely help you to score more than 70-80 score.

Part 6 - Using Blogger Tags Specially 

Here i'll introduce you the concept of hiding and showing widgets and performing special tasks through blogger conditional tags ultimately helping you to show what you wan to your readers.

Part 7 - Adding Animations

You must be seeing animations on this blog when you go down the blog , in this post i'll help you do the same easily by using wow.js and animate.css.These animations will help you to make your template more attractive ultimately making a impression of you in your readers eye.

What Now ?

Hope you like this series and help me and this blog by sharing these posts and giving your kind feedback and thoughts through comments. Share your opinion and suggestions about this series through comments and do subscribe us.
Happy Blogging And Best Of Luck :).

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