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4 Reasons Why You Should Not Monetize A New Blog !

12/04/2015 5 Comments
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In the blogging world everyone is looking for one thing which is monetization of his blog , and sometimes he shows ads on a new blog but is it good for you blog ? The answer is discussed in this post , do read it and share your opinions about it through comments -

The Greedy Blogger's -

Really there are many blogger's whose main aim is to create money through blog and that's why they start a blog , but do they get success in their blogging career ? Of course not !
So the question finally come that "Should i monetize my new blog ?" .

 User Experience Is The Key !

The main thing which is important for a blog is its readers ! And to make them happy so that they can come again we should always provide a good User Experience to them but if fail to provide it then your blog traffic and readers will start decreasing day by day !
You should always think to write about audience not the search engines as search engines will index your blog but what about the readers ? They will definitely not come to your blog ! And that's my own experience.

Which Is Better User Experience Then ?

Better user experience or interface is that in which they find easier to read and understand your thoughts rather than getting dis attracted from your blog.
If you use more than 6 ads in a page then i'm sure your readers will be getting quite dis attracted mainly resulting in less traffic.
Take Example Of This Blog - I've not used any advertisement in this blog instead it is getting quite popular and getting good amount of traffic why ? because i care about your experience for better reading of posts and no more dis attraction !

The Reasons Finally Revealed -

So these are some reason why you should not monetize a new blog , hope you share your thoughts after reading this post through comments -

1- Annoying Ads -

Many bloggers don't get approval from good ad networks and that's why they use bad alternatives which annoys the users of the blog which ultimately forces them to close the tab !

2- Crappy Popups -

You must have been annoyed by the crappy popups that come when you click on the site and they really annoys me too ! Many times due to popups the visitors understand the popup as your blog and close your blog tab which really wastes their time and they never come to your blog !
So if you've joined a network then to not ruin your audience experience you must not use the popups.

3- No Real Monetization -

When you apply for any ad network firstly they will not approve you for no traffic as the early age of a blog is zero traffic age but somehow if you get the approval then you'll not be able to make money as your blog is getting very less traffic !

4- Bad Reputation -

If you try to monetize your new blog then your audience will be sure that your main focus for blogging is to earn money not to provide help to them and that's a practical survey report !
This will surely decrease your subscribers opt in rate as well as your traffic and you may not be able to gain the respect again for that user !

Final Words -

So these were the reasons why you should not monetize a new blog , hope you like them and share them too !
By the way share your thoughts about the same through comments , Good Luck And Happy Blogging :)

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