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Does Every Blog Use Advertisements To Earn Money ?

1/20/2016 3 Comments
Earn Money Blogging

So you're a blogger and think that you can only earn through advertisements  ? If yes then  you're wrong ! There are many other ways through which you can earn money through blogging including freelancing , writing posts , designing etc.
So excited to see more of this list ? If yes then continue reading this post-

So I am back form long vacations just for you to provide more interesting articles about blogging and now i will start writing post.I know this is not a post in building blogger template series but i'll surely publish the next part soon.

The Misconceptions -

Back on topic i was talking that most bloggers think of blogging that they can earn only through sponsorship  in blogging and that's why they miss 20% more of their income !
Yes they just focus on writing and writing and applying for various ad networks which really cost them a lot if taken yearly.Also if someone don't get approved by ad network then they feel that they can't earn money or make their lively hood through blogging and ultimately quit blogging.
BTW i want to share you something that I've learned a web developing language named "PHP" and that's why i was unable to give time to blogging as you know that when someone gets new toy then he is too excited to play with it and that's what happened to me also.
Leaving that below is the list of ways through which you can earn money in blogging without using even a single ad in your blog.

Other Ways To Earn Money Through Blogging -

1- Guest Blogging -

This word is getting a quite popular these days as you can see that many blogs are having guest posts written by other authors as some of them get paid to do the guest blogging.
So if you're new to guest blogging then guest blogging is simple writing your feelings and thoughts on other blogs in order to get something else in return.Nowadays there are many sites which connect guest bloggers to blogs ultimately helping then to earn money.

2-  Taking Classes -

Ya i know that this may sound weird but nowadays blogging is becoming a popular profession and that's why many of them take classes to teach others in return of money.So if you're good in your topic and are experienced in blogging then you can also take this as your profession and easily earn money.No doubt i am also teaching you blogging but you know that when a teacher is in-front of you then you can ask as many questions you can to them but not ask to me or other bloggers.
By taking classes i mean that they help you in learning blogging by teaching you in a class period usually hours long.

3- Asking For Donations -

Yes you can definitely ask for donations for your blog and maybe some of your users give donations to you too only if they find you useful to them.
You must be knowing wikipedia cause they also earn from donations as they get many donations every day through which they maintain the site as well as themselves.

4-  Sponsored Posts -

You must be seeing many blogs having posts not i their category as most of them are sponsored through which they earn money.Generally what happens is that when a blog gets popular then advertisers try to promote on their blog and they find sponsored post the best medium.
The main benefit of sponsored post is that you can earn money in one time which you could've earned using ads in a month !
Usually sponsored posts are ranged form 100$ to 500$ or even more depending on the traffic you get.

What Next ?

So these are some other ways through which you can earn money without using advertisements in your blog. Hope you liked them and shared them too.I'll publish the next part of building blogger template series soon and surely try to give more time to blogging.
Happy Blogging And Good Luck :)

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  1. It is a hard work to be a blogger. Always coming up with something new and interesting, so, some bloggers turn to advertisements. Its good to know that there is another way to earn money for this.

    1. Yes You're Right @Sammy.
      Good Luck And Keep Coming For More Exciting Posts . :)


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