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Introducing MBA Contact Form For Bloggers !

3/16/2016 8 Comments
mba contact form

Excited Huh ? I'm too cause this is probably mine best project for bloggers which is a Contact Form ! .  I've seen that almost every blogger thinks of choosing a contact form for their blog and they sometimes find it difficult to choose  it because many of them have limitations like - limited responses , too heavy , non stylish , etc. but now your problem gets solved !
Read more about this contact form below -

What Exactly Is This Contact Form ?

So let me tell you that - 

MBA Contact Form Is All In One Contact Form For Bloggers , Which Is Fast , Light , Beautiful And Most Important Responsive Too !

 But you must be saying that there are already some sites providing the contact form ?
Then why I am releasing this one ? The answer is simple because many of them have limitations like - limited responses , bad design , non responsive , heavy , etc. and many of demand money from you for more features so this form will help you there as this form supports - unlimited responses ! , beautiful design ! , light like feather ! , responsive and more...


So after seeing this form you must be excited to grab it but do read this form's working and pros.

Advantages Of This Contact Form -

These are some of the advantages of this contact form , you may find more after using it -

  • Beautiful Look
  • Feather Light
  • Fully Responsive
  • Unlimited Responses 
  • Auto Responder
  • Fastest Responses  ( Sends Emails Within 4 Seconds ! )
  • Fully Free
  • Updates Ready 
  • Question For Human Verification 
  • Can Be Used Anywhere  (On Any Site)
  • Customization Ready !
  • And Much More...

Whats New In Version 2 ?

Here are some features which are added in version 2 -
  • New Design And Interface
  • Minified CSS For More Lightness !
  • More Customization Options !
  • New Animations !
Recommended Color Schemes - Green , Orange , rgba(0,0,0,0.5) , Red.
Get RGBA Codes From Here.

What Now With Version 1 ?

The version 1 of this form will continue to work but an update notification will be shown in the form so that bloggers using 1st version may know that second version has arrived !.

How It Works ?

You must be asking this question to yourself ?  So here is how it works -

First of all this form works on a scripting language called PHP which is used by many webmasters.
This form first fetch its data from our hosted site PHP Arena through an iframe.
The form uses get method to get the email to send the mail to an blogger and then uses inbuilt mail function to send the email through the site's server which is fast.
Done ! The woking of this form is this simple which makes it super fast (check yourself !).

Credits & License -

Version : 2.0

© Copyright My Blogging Arena , All Rights Reserved .

This MBA Contact Form By My Blogging Arena Is Licensed Under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
You are most welcomed to share the plugin with your audience as long as you attach credit links back to this webpage. Kindly avoid selling the plugin in a commercial product or service. Its use is restricted to individuals alone.
Removal Of Credit Link From This Contact Form Is Not Legal , Strict Actions May Be Taken Against The Person Who Tries To Remove The Credits !

I would like to specially thank Hostinger for providing such fast hosting for us.

Adding This Contact Form In Your Blog -

So these are steps you need to follow to successfully add this contact form - 

To Get Code Of MBA Contact Form Iframe -

To get the magical code of this contact form , first go to this MBA Form Builder then fill the form with correct details and submit the form and you'll get your code below the form , just copy that code and use it as described below - 

In Your Blog Page - 

  1. Go To Your Contact Page Using Blogger Dashboard
  2. Switch To HTML View Of Page
  3. Paste The Code Which You Get From The Form Builder.
  4.  Finally Save The Page Or Publish The Page .
As A Sidebar Widget -

You can also ad this contact form in your sidebar as a widget just you need to do follow these steps -

  • Go To Your Blog's Layout Section
  • Select A Place And Click Add A Widget
  • Paste The  Code Which You Get From The Form Builder.
  • Finally Save The Widget 
Done ! You've Successfully Added This Contact Form In Your Blog. 

What Next ?

As i said that this contact form is updates ready so i'll be continuously working on the next version for improvements and new features which means that version 3 is also waiting for you !
To get notified about it just subscribe us

Help Us -

If you think that this widget will really help you then my only request to you is that please keep the credits so that more bloggers may get helped by using this contact form.

Need Any Help ?

Hope you liked this new contact form which will help you receive emails more easily , do share it with your friends and leave your feedback through comments.
If you feel any kind of problem , just ask it through comments and i'll surely help you.

Good Luck And Happy Blogging :) .

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  1. Nice widget Nitishk. You really have created a helpful widget.

    Keep developing.

    1. Thanks Shivansh For Your Kind Words !

      Keep Coming Here For More Such Great Tools !

      Happy Blogging And Good Luck :) .

  2. Really Nice Form !

    Keep Going :E

    1. Thanks Abhishek For Your Kind Words !

      Keep Coming For More Exciting Tools :)

  3. Can You Pls Change The Font and pls support hindi language fonts in it.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I will surely add your points in my to do list.


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