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Do You Really Need To Change Your Blog's Design To Material Design ?

3/02/2016 No Comment

Google's new material design is getting quite popular these days and many coding geeks are adopting it but is it really important for you ?
We all know that material design is based on 3D and shadow effects which look good but many of you may get confused that should you adopt it or not ?
The answer is revealed in this post -

So I am back guys after a long vacation and really sorry for that. I know you must be coming here daily for interesting posts (and thanks for that) but you may not be finding posts as i was busy in learning a language known as PHP and my exams also started but now your own brother is back with blogging as well as developing skills.

What Really Is Material Design ?

Material Design is a type of design which deals with 3 dimensions (i.e X , Y & Z Axes) which you will come to know if you're in class 11 in your school (I just studied it) and this design also deals with shadows which look quite good.

According To Google -

Material Design is a specification for a unified system of visual, motion, and interaction design that adapts across different devices and different screen sizes.

Every developer is trying to make his/her blog's design similar to material look and they're doing quite well.

Some Advantages Of Material Design -

  • Has Good Look.
  • Nice Animations.
  • 3 dimensional look for apps and blogs.
  • Clean Design
So after reading these pros you may have start thinking of applying material design in your template but there are some cons too -

Some Disadvantages Of Material Design -

  • Too Much Shadows - Every Element In Material Design has shadow effects which look sometimes weird.
  • Effects Page Loading - Nice effects means more code to work with which ultimately results in page loading speed.
  • Too Much To Work With - Working with material design is not too easy as it looks. Creating awesome animations and effects requires high quality skills which everyone don't have.
  • Big Frameworks - If you want to apply material design in your template then you'll first go for framework but those frameworks are quite big in size ultimately affecting your blog's loading time.
So now you may be in a dilemma that whether you should adopt it or not ?

My Opinion -

If i would be in the same dilemma in which you are i would've choose to adopt this design but under certain conditions - 

  • Not Using Framework (Problem Discussed Above).
  • Not Applying Material Design To Each Element.
  • Not Using Too Much Shadows.
  • Minimizing Animations.
  • Applying Only Certain Effects (Like - Ripple)

Final Verdict -

So these were some of the pros and cons of using material design , hope you've understood them and started thinking about it. 
Tip : If you're a good CSS geek then start creating your own material look elements now.
And one more thing that it all depends on you whether you like this new design or not and I'm not forcing you to apply or not apply this design , simply do what you want !

So what do you think of material design now ? If you're confused then feel free to ask to me through comments and don't forget to share your decision with me through comments.
Happy Blogging And Good Luck :) .

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