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Guest Posts Accepted At My Blogging Arena !

3/15/2016 No Comment
guest post at mba

This blog has been providing useful and awesome content to you and as a result this blog is getting quite popular and getting high visits.
So therefore now this blog will accept a guest posts and as a result you also get a chance to get a high quality backlink and profile show up at this blog or even you can become a author here !
So here are some of the details about guest posting -

As said above this blog is getting quite popular these days and getting shown in search engines so this is a great chance for you to get an high quality backlink and profile show up at here for free by submitting you quality guest post and waiting for its approval.

Approval Guidelines -

So these are some things which you need to follow before submitting a guest post -

  • Guest Post Must Be Unique And Non Copied .
  • Guest Post Must Be At least 600 Words Long . (Check No. Of Words Here)
  • Guest Post Must Contain At Least One Image (Featured) .
  • Guest Post Must Be About New Topic , Not Old Ones .
  • Guest Post Must Have An Unique Title .
  • Guest Post Must Be Beautifully Arranged .
  • Guest Post Must Contain Suitable Headings .
So these are some points which you need to focus before writing a guest post for this blog.

What You'll Get ?

These Are Some Things Which You'll Get If Your Guest Post Gets Approved -

  • One High Quality Dofollow Backlink .
  • Author Profile Showcase .
  • Chance To Be An Author At This Blog .

Topics To Write About -

The guest post you submit should be related with one of the  these topics or your guest post will not get approved -

  • Blogging.
  • Blogging Tips And Tricks.
  • Blogger Widget (Unique And Awesome Looking And Responsive Too) .
  • Money Making Guide .
  • SEO Related Tutorial .

Process For Submitting Guest Post -

These are the steps by which you can send us your guest post for approval -

  • Write Your Guest Post In Blogger Editor .
  • After Finishing , Open HTML Tab And Copy The Whole Code .
  • Don't Forget To Prepare These Things - Profile Pic ,  Author Profile , Your Blog Link , Post Title , Search Description (Optional) .
  • Finally Submit Your Guest Post HTML With Above Mentioned Details At  -

Any Problem ?

So these were some details for sending a guest post to us , hope you understood them and if not then feel free to ask your query through comments.
I'll thank you in advance for spending your precious time in writing a guest post for this blog .

Happy Blogging And Good Luck :) .

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