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Ultimate Guide For Creating Perfect UI For Your Blog

3/23/2016 No Comment
create perfect ui for blog

So I am back with an ultimate guide which will help you in making perfect ui for your blog , ultimately affecting your blog's reputation and user experience.
Almost 90% of bloggers are using custom blogger themes created by some publishers or maybe created by themselves but are those templates having perfect ui ?
Lets figure that out in this post -

What Does UI Means ?

UI or User Interface refers to the interface you provide to your users or readers. Having a perfect UI means giving a perfect user experience to your readers and also help them to easily explore your blog.

What Is Perfect UI ?

By perfect UI , I mean an UI which is perfectly designed for your readers and help them to explore your blog effectively and easily. 
As said above by having perfect UI , your blog's readers will not hesitate to come to your blog next time as they really like your design !

Having  UI which is not perfect will surely disturb your readers and will make them not to come to your blog next time which will surely affect your blog's rankings and stats.
No one should say that my blog has a perfect UI and bla bla.. as by saying these words he / she will never try to improve his /her blog's UI which will ultimately affect your blog as stated above.
You should try to change your blog design and elements atleast one time in a month so your blog users don't get bored by your blog's design .

Points Which Convert Simple UI  To Perfect UI -

These are some points which helps in making perfect ui for any blog -

  • Responsive Designs 
First of all every user of your blog wants a perfect design stabilized for his/her desktop or laptop.
For example some users have small screen laptops , some medium (like mine) and some have large ones so you need to create that UI which adopts itself according to the user's device screen.
If you're not able to receive this then your blog surely doesn't has a perfect UI.
 Also the mobile exploring is getting quite popular these days as even small kids have mobiles phones (android ones !) [but they use it for different purposes :)]  and it feels easy for users as they just pick up their phones , press the power key and that's it ! they enter a new world.
So you surely need to make for blog design responsive for maintaining perfect UI for your blog.

  • Right Selection Of Colors 
For maintaining perfect UI for your blog you need to choose colors for your blog effectively so that your users may not get disturbed while exploring your blog,
For example - An user will never like design having only black and white colors , they'll say "Common , technology is getting advanced and this blog is using old school design !" .
Yep I am right as these words are spoken by me when i see such designs.
So you need to choose right colors for your blog so that you can create perfect UI for your blog.

  • Using Jquery
Users like those UIs which have simple functionalities like - clicking on a button to hide navbar , clicking on a share trigger button to show share buttons , etc. , these small small things make a perfect UI for a blog.
You may this is on this blog also as this blog provides some of this kind functionalities like  -
clicking on latest posts bar will toggle the main content helping you to scroll down to bottom easily , 
clicking on the sidebar widget heading makes the widget content slidetoggle  helping you to hide widgets you don't want to be shown.
I recommend you to use jquery for this purpose as it is light and most important cross browser friendly solving the first issue stated above.
You can find many tutorials form web to learn jquery and start creating your own UI elements.

Final Words :

So these are some points which you need to focus so that you can create perfect UI for your blog.
Hope you liked this post and must have shared it with your friends.
BTW were you able to create perfect UI for your blog after reading this post ? Share your answer through comments and feel free to ask any question through comments.

Happy Blogging And Good Luck :) .

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