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5 Useful Tips For Blogging Niche Bloggers

3/28/2016 No Comment
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So you're a blogging niche blogger , right ? If not then wait ! don't go as this post will also be useful for bloggers blogging in other niches.
So if you're a blogger in blogging niche then this post is fully dedicated to you as it will explain you some practical tips which will help you boost your blog traffic.
I've seen many bloggers blogging in this niche but they certainly do some mistakes like me too ! which I've explained in this post which I've discovered in my 2 year blogging journey -

Why I Am Sharing These Tips To You ?

Ya I know your next question would've been this only so the answer is simple to help you .
I know that you might be my blog's competitor but i don't ever care about it as all i want is traffic for you ans some for mine too !.
Being in same niche i might give you some suggestions to you and you to me (through comments).

Who Exactly Are Blogging Niche Bloggers ?

I know you might be confused a bit with "blogging niche bloggers" but let me explain you that blogging niche bloggers are those bloggers who like to do blogging in subjects like - blogging tips , money making guides , SEO , blogging widgets and much more like this.
So if you blog in this niche then here are some useful tips for you which will help you boost your blog traffic.

Some Useful Tips For You -

  • Always Publish Unique Content -
You might have read this line in many blogs in fact int this blog also but for blogging niche bloggers publishing unique content is must  and its my own experience .
Many bloggers try to copy other blogs titles and content and try to change them into their own style but wait and that's why their blog's reputation gets low.

For example  - Would you like to ever read a story book thrice or more times ? Na.. Nor i will do cause i'll get bored reading it again and again , and that's what happens to your or mine blog's audience. 
And that's why i try to publish as unique article as i can not for search engines but for my audience which helps them to stay connected with this blog.

  • Publish At least 570 Words In Each Article -
For other niche bloggers it is not too much important to write above 500 words but in blogging niche , articles are ranked according to the amount of words. 
Writing articles below 400-500 words are usually hidden in google search engines leaving some high ranked blogs. From my first post to this post I've not written any post which is less than 450-500 words and as a result it is getting a quite love from you and search engines (thanks !).

Many of you ask that what about widgets posts ? Then its simple as try to explain everything you can about your widget which will help in making the post more detailed and help in ranking it in SERPS.

  • Only Share Your Own Made Widgets -
I've seen many bloggers writing posts about widgets which have been created by some other which really affect their blog's rankings.Also their is a chance of removal of your blog as the original owner may complain to blogger or google about that.
Always try to make your own and unique widgets which attract audience to come to your blog.

For example - The MBA Contact Form widget is getting quite popular and getting high amount of hits.

So creating your own widgets is must if you publish widget posts in your blog.

  • Interlink To Your Articles In Each Post -
This may sound a bit weird but it actually works ! Interlinking is a concept in which you attach links to your previous posts to make them get more hits and comments. Its a way of reminding audience to also read that post after or before reading the current one.
I know it will be difficult to remember all your posts and finding out which one to link but you first open the list of all posts by going to posts section in your blog's dashboard and then finding out the title which matches with the topic you're explaining in the current post.
It will not only give traffic to your old posts but also keep your users engaged in your blog for reading more and more posts.

  • Always Share Your Own Made Templates -
Many bloggers share templates which are already available on net like - sevida template , etc. which is really a bad habit as it will not only affect your blog's ranking but also affect your blog traffic.
Try to write posts like these in the templates categories -

* 5 Best Magazine Templates For Blogger .
*  6 Best Alternatives To Genesis Framework .
* List Of Templates That Rocked 2015 .

So you can try the above mentioned titles and I am sure you'll see a big change in your blog's traffic. 

Final Words -

So these were some tips for you which will help you in increasing your blog traffic and rankings.
Share your experience after applying these tips in your blog through comments.
Feel free to ask any question through comments , until then subscribe us for more great posts in your inbox.

Happy Blogging And Good Luck :) .

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