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6 Proven Ways To Keep Your Visitors Engaged In Your Blog

4/16/2016 No Comment
keep visiting engaged in your blog

Getting visitors is a good thing but keeping them engaged in your blog is an essential thing as without engaging your visitors in your blog you will loose your traffic day by day as you'll loose those precious visitors too.
So how you can keep your visitors engaged in your blog ?
Some of them are explained in this post -

What Does User Engagement Means ?

Usually we get visitors in our blogs but some of them just come and go after few seconds as they do not find a way to get engaged in the blog.
So user engagement just means to tie up with your visitors so that they can explore your blog for more time helping you to get more traffic or even a subscriber.
Though there many ways of keeping the visitors engaged in a blog but I've explained only some of them which have truly worked for me and will surely work for you too.

So let's get started -

Why To Keep Visitors Engaged ?

As said above that after keeping your visitors engaged they'll continuously explore your blog by visiting different posts which will firstly boost your traffic and probably give you a permanent reader or even a email subscriber which you can treat as a forever visitor.
So after reading all of the above points you must have understood why to keep your visitors engaged and how this trick ca help you get more exposure.

Half of the bloggers around don't know how to keep their visitors engaged and as a  result they loose may traffic and subscribers , in-fact subscribers only subscribe to your blog if they find it useful to them which they can only examine by reading and reading posts of your blog which indirectly means that if you're not able to keep your visitors engaged then you might be loosing many subscribers which is a great loss for any blogger.

So we've understood that user engagement is a crucial part in blogging , now we're going to explore some of the proven ways through which we can keep our visitors engaged in our blog.

Excited huh ? So let's start exploring those ways -

Proven Ways To Keep Visitors Engaged -

Below are some ways through which you can keep your visitors engaged in your blog , I've tried to make all the points as clear as i can but if you're not able to get any of the points then feel free to ask me through comments and do read these steps carefully to understand them easily -

  • Interlinking Is The Key 
I've already told you about interlinking in this post but i'm telling you it again as this is the main part for keeping the visitors engaged in a blog. The more you interlink to your articles the more your visitors get engaged (It's Simple Huh ?).
But you need to interlink to your posts smartly not just adding links anywhere as that will make your visitors just ignore those links which you've provided.
You can smartly interlink to your posts by following these points - 

1 - Always Interlink To Posts Which Matches The Current One -

Interlinking with posts which don't matches the current post is of waste as the post for which your visitor has come will surely like the other one which in in the same category.
For example - 

Some visitors are good in something and bad in something so they'll only explore those posts in which they are bad.

Another Example -

Let's say you're a visitor to this blog and you cam here from google or anywhere else to an article related to SEO , then will you like to read other article which is in category in money making ?
Surely not and that's what happens with your or in-fact mine visitors too .
Usually we think that interlinking is very easy as we just need to add links to our posts but those links don't work ! You surely need to interlink to those posts which are related to the current one to make your visitors keep repeating the clicking cycle.

2- Select Perfect Place For Adding Links -

So you've understood that you need to interlink to matching posts but what is the perfect place to add links ?

The perfect place for adding links is in the paragraphs as users find those links important to read just like you read the definition of new word straight after you read it first.

Here is an example of interlinking between paragraphs - 

...... for better SEO rankings always write unique content.

So after reading this line 90% users will click it as they know that the link is useful for them to get more related posts to read and as a result they'll get engaged in the cycle only if you interlink in each of your posts.

Another way of interlinking is to simple add post title and its link with a special link like - Must Read , Do Read , Related , etc. which will attract visitors to visit the link.

Example - 

Now the link above may have attracted you only as i have written Must Read before it as these small words make large difference.
I might have also written related but I've must read as these two small words make your brain think that if the author has written must read then there must be any point in that post to must read it which makes all the difference.

  • Always Write Interesting Content 

So now you know the basics of interlinking to older posts but what about the main thing which is content ?
All visitors want to visit a blog which gives them relevant and interesting content as they don't want to read things which they've already read or they're not interested in so interlinking is not only the key as the posts you're going to link must also be interesting so the visitors can continue to read more and more posts in your blog.
If they find no relevant or interesting content then the interlinking trick will surely not work for you even if you interlink perfectly as they'll find no interest in clicking those links which contain content not relevant to them.
Always try to write content between 700-2500 words as firstly search engines will help you there then visitors will also get interested in the content as they'll treat the post like a guide which is surely going to help them and they'll try to explore your blog as more as they can to find more interesting content.
So the key is not just to interlink but providing interesting content too so that the interlinking trick gets successfully accomplished.

Interesting content is surely key to success for any blog as the reason why visitors are coming to your blog is just to get interesting and relevant content and if they find that then they'll surely get engaged with your blog.

  • Always Add A Related Posts Widget
This trick is similar to interlinking trick and it works too as you want your visitors to keep reading your blog's content and for that they surely need to know whats related to the current posts and there related posts widget does a great job.
And that's why you must be seeing 90% of blogs using this widget so that they can keep their visitors engaged in their blog. 
Here is how this blog's related posts widget looks - 

 Though it looks beautiful but it attracts visitors like you too as after reading a post you get to see this widget which attract you and gives you some recommendations to explore which keeps you to get engaged in this blog.
So Interlinking + Recommended posts widget = More Visitors Engagement !

  • Use PushCrew For Push Notifications 
Push notifications are getting quite popular these days as this small widget helps bloggers to connect with their visitors even if they are not visiting the blog. 

Here is how a push notification looks like -

This small notification attracts visitors to get reminded to visit a post which increase the traffic as well as user engagement.
There are many push notifications providers but the one i like most is PushCrew which is beautiful looking and its admin panel is also beautiful.
So using these types of notifications will surely work for you as they'll remind your visitors to explore a new post or any thing which you share.
Though many blogs are not using these type of notifications but you should definitely try this new thing as it will surely help you to increase visitor engagement in your blog which results in more traffic and subscribers.

  • Send Email Updates Regularly
So you've tried many ways to engage visitors but what about those who are already engaged in your blog ? Never forget those as they're future and present traffic for your blog and they're only ones whom you can trust as regular visitors for your blog.
Always send email updates about new posts and other things as fast as you can after creating them so that you get instant traffic to your newly written posts and they can share it to others also.
If you're not able to send regular email updates to them then you'll surely loose your traffic and post shares as email updates reminds them to revisit your blog for new posts and interesting content.
Rather then just sending post updates try to send them special guides , gifts and other things which will keep them happy so that they don't think to unsubscribe to your blog which will be a bad news for you.
Rather than just using feedburner try to use MailChimp for better engagement and for detailed statics which will help you in increasing the user engagement rate in your blog.
For better Click Through Rate try to send the email updates twice so that your subscribers feel that they should read the email at least one time which will make them click on the links .
You should also add share buttons in your email updates also so that your post can reach maximum audience for more traffic and subscribers.

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  • Social Sharing Is Must
The reason for creating social profiles for your blog is not just to make a brand on social profiles but also to grab visitors form it. For better social sharing share your posts on social profiles regularly weather it is facebook page , g+ profile , twitter or any else too.
If you're thinking that you don't have and followers then keep sharing your posts and you'll see a increase in your subscribers and do add social links in your blog.
It has been noted that 85% users use social media more than visiting sites and that's why social sharing is must for every blog so that you can get more visitors and visitor engagement also.
Try to add attractive heading while you share post so that more visitors click on the links and come to your blog.
The average sharing time of each post should be within 3-4 days so that you can keep your visitors on track with your social profiles.
For more social subscribers use GetSiteControl follow widgets like the one i'm using which helps in getting more attention of visitors to convert them into subscribers.

Final Words :

So this was a detailed guide on visitor engagement , hope you like it and share it with your friends.
If you had any kind of problem then feel free to ask them through comments and do subscribe us for regular updates and secret guides.
BTW did you noticed a change in your blog after following these steps ? Share your feedback through comments.

Happy Blogging And Good Luck :O .

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