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Fix Https Green Lock Not Showing In Blogger Https Version

5/05/2016 3 Comments

Recently Blogger Team Announced that they're bringing https version to all blogs and they did so but still many bloggers are facing problems when the https versions has been available for their blog.
Bloggers are facing many kinds of problems like - green lock not showing in https version , widgets not working , template crackdown , even others but today i'll tell you the trick which I've used in this
blog to fix green lock icon not appearing in the https version of your blog -

 Recently when i explained the features of this new https plan , i was definite that blogger team will fix the major problems which included this one but still there are other problems which bloggers are facing.But still this new plan will be beneficial to you as I've explained in this post.

Is This Problem Need To Be Noted ?

If you're thinking that if green lock is not coming then it is not at all a problem then you're wrong ! because when the green lock is not showing then it means that though your blog has https connection but yet it has some content which is not secured which means that your blog is not fully secured which may affect your ranking and it will be no benefit for you to use the https version of your blog.

Blogger team has tried its best to fix these problems but due to presence of resources which are not available in secured connection this problem is happening.Also if you're using blogger's default templates then you might not notice this problem but 90% of bloggers like me and you use custom templates which contains unsecured resources this problem occurs.

What About Custom Domains ?

If you're using custom domain like .com , etc. then you're lucky that you're facing this problem not now but will surely in future as i think that blogger team is working to provide this https support in custom domains also , so if this happens then you can try this trick and I'm sure that it will work for you.

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How To Fix This Problem ?

So here are some steps through which you can fix this green icon not showing problem -

1- Go To Your Blog's Template Section 
2- Click Edit HTML
3- Now The Main Part -

Now you need a little common sense and a little bit of brain work which will make our motive successful -

Our aim is to find those resources which are linked to our blog through an http request.
If you try to search http:// in your blogger template you'll find many items their which will be including - css files , js files , links , images , and many other things .
We need to change the http source files to https only if they're available so what we'll do is start finding http resources like - images , css files , js files , etc. and replacing those links with the https ones.

For example let's say we have any resource file at url - now first go to the same url using https protocol like - , if you find no change in the content then it means that the resource is available for https.
If https version is not available then you need to either remove that component (which i think you'll not) or add the content of the file locally in your template.
So if you've an css file hosted at other place and which is not available in https then copy the whole css by going to the url and paste it in template under style tags and don't  forget to remove the http resource url or the problem will continue.

Note - Backup Your Template First !

4- After doing the above mentioned steps , finally save your template.

Whoo ! You've successfully fixed the green lock icon not showing problem in your blog and now you will be able to serve a secured blog to your audience.

Need Any Help ?

So these were small steps through which you can fix the green lock icon not showing problem , do share it to your friends. 
And if you have any kind of problem then do ask by using comments. I'll try to discover more problems after this update also if you are having any other problem then this do share it through comments so that i may help you in fixing it.

Happy Blogging !

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  1. Dear Admin,

    Thanks for your tips here. I've try to change all http:// in my template with https:// as by your advice on this post.. and UNFORTUNATELY it's NOT Work!

    I think, I need more advance tips to make my https locked into green lock.

    Please visit my site to see there. Here is the url of my site:

    Overall,.. thanks for all.

    Nova Daris

  2. Finally... It's fullwork.. after I change all http:// for image and url link on every posts too.

    Thanks Nitishk Gupta for your best advice.

    best regards,
    Nova Daris

    1. Welcome! Keep coming for more exciting post. :)


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