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4 Things You Need To Avoid To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

6/05/2016 2 Comments

affiliate marketing

We all love to do affiliate marketing and use it to earn money for ourselves , don't we ?
Many or say almost every blogger first tries for Google Adsense to make a money gate opened for himself , but does Adsense provides you more money in just a single instance ? No , not at all ! .
As Adsense is based on CTR and CPM which only pays you for clicks and views.
So here is a guide which will teach you the things which you surely need to avoid to become a successful blogger and affiliate marketer.

Okay so if I ask you for your second choice of earning money then what will you say ? Probably Affiliate Marketing. But don't you think that affiliate marketing is an easy task to make money ? It surely is ! , only when you avoid these important things shared in this post.

When i ask bloggers that which do you choose as an easy task - Affiliate Marketing or Adsense ,
most of them say - Adsense , but why ? Cause the're surely not avoiding the things which I've mentioned in this post which is causing the lost of affiliate sales for them.

Think what will happen if you promote a product which you have even not used ? If the product comes out to be bad , then what answer will you give to your readers ? I think you'll be in a great depression (Leaving some other bloggers (Greedy !) :P). Recently i posted an article about affiliate marketing that how you can double your earnings through affiliate marketing but that doesn't mean you can ! If you want to , then you need to follow this guide.

So what are those things ? Here are some of them -

Promoting Non Matching Products

Okay let's understand this by an example -

Suppose if you go to a clothes shop or store like Adidas (Just an example) and you want to buy a stylish shirt for yourseld and when you reach the shop , you find that that shop is just full of chocolates (What ? Yum :P) , you might buy some chocolates (If you like it like me :O) but won't it look weird ? . Having chocolates in a clothes shop will surely make you laugh and it will look weird too , Isn't it ?
So will you visit that shop again ? , You'll probably go to a proper chocolate shop if you will buy some but will you visit that shop again for clothes and chocolates , definitely not !

The same happens here ! . If you promote products which are not even connected with your niche then will you able to make sales in it ? Will your visitors like it ? , I don't think so and nor they will ! .
I've seen many blogs and sites promoting useless things which don't even match their content and as a result they sit back for years looking for 2-3 sales only (Would you like to see yourself like them ? , Surely not ) . So that means you surely need to avoid promotion of products which don't match for you and your visitors so that you don't look for years for just 2-3 sales.

Here is the second thing you need to avoid to become a successful affiliate marketer -

Using Only Links 

We all know that images are key for bloggers , without them visitors get bored and even don't like to read content. Will you like to ever click on a link which you've probably not visited or don't know about it ? , but what if i add an attractive image about the product in it ? You'll surely click on that.
Which means that promoting products only through links can not bring sales for you nor they will !
You definitely need to use images and other mediums which can help you to attract visitors towards the product and that's the reason why almost every successful affiliate marketer uses images and review posts to promote the affiliate products.

Pro Tip - Always Create Review Posts For The Products To Get More Sales !

Promoting Non Tested Products

Have you ever promoted a product which you've not even used ? If yes , then surely avoid this !
Think that if you go to a person whom you think can tell you a good suggestion and he gives you a suggestion which is totally worst then will you visit him again ? Of course Not !  (Leaving stupids :P)

Which ultimately means that you need to promote only those products which you've used yourself and think that it'll benefit your visitors. Most bloggers promote products which they've not used themselves (Just to save their money) but  promote it to you or their visitors only to earn money , then will they be called Successful Affiliate Marketers ? , I'll never call them ! ( I hate those bloggers :( )

There are other advantages of promoting products which you've used like - You can tell the features of the product more deeply (Ultimately increasing your sales) , Giving useful and precious screenshots of product (Which almost every successful affiliate marketer do) and other thing.

Sending Non Sense Emails To Others 

Have you ever receive a mail telling you about a product in a foolish language ?
Here is how that mail looks like -

Hey , I've an awesome product which will help you in earning money for you for free ! Join now ! Limited Spots Left ! And bla bla...

You must have been sending those mails to spam ? Won't you ? 
So you must (I mean must) not send these type of spam mails to your subscribers or others or those subscribers won't be your subscribers ! . Instead you should send mails like this -

Hey I've just reviewed a new product which helps in building web apps . Learn more about it here.

This mails looks attractive and genuine which will definitely give you more traffic and sales for your product.

Final Verdict 

So this was a guide which told you the things which you surely need to avoid to become a successful affiliate marketer , hope you liked it and must have shared it with your friends.
BTW do you think that any other thing needs to be here which is needed to be avoided by bloggers to become a successful affiliate marketer ? If yes then do share it with me through comments.

Good Luck And Happy Affiliate Marketing :P

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  1. Hi,

    Awesome article, you have shared few very unique ideas and I loved reading this post. Since I haven't started in Affiliate marketing and I think I can use your tips when I start.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks Imran for your kind words. Yes you can follow this guide in your future to be a good and successful affiliate marketer.

      Keep coming for more great guides. :)


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