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Will Affiliate Marketing Work For Bloggers In 2017?

1/31/2017 No Comment

So we're back again! And this time with more interesting and useful posts!
Have you ever thought that Affiliate marketing would work in 2017? 
It's already one month completed of the new year (happy new year!), and still, bloggers are confused that should they use affiliate marketing in 2017? And will it work for them in this new year?
If you're confused too then, you're at the right place! Let's discuss this issue and hope we'll get the answer!

First of all, I want to say happy new year! (late :P) and may this year bring lots of fun and happiness and most importantly traffic to your blog!

 Btw sorry for this much late! Ya, I know that I spent about 5-6 months without this blog and I was also missing this blog and most importantly you! But, now I am back!
We, bloggers, have been doing affiliate marketing and earning money from it, and I've also shared many guides about it like - how you can double your earnings through it, how you can become a successful affiliate marketer and much more.. but at that time affiliate marketing worked!
Now the question comes will it work now? Will the new audience accept affiliate marketing from bloggers? Let's discuss this issue -

How was affiliate marketing in 2016?

Before we start thinking about 2017, we need to know that did affiliate marketing worked in 2016?
Simply the answer is yes! But there were many problems in doing affiliate marketing last year.

Visitors are getting smarter and smarter day by day!

Yes, in fact, everybody is! Visitors know that which post is sponsored and which is not!, or if a link is an affiliate marketing link or not. All bloggers needed to convince their audience to let them click on their links and join the programs. And I think that they're going to be smarter!

What does this mean?

This means that it will be quite or in fact desperate to convince our audience this year to let them join programs through us. We will need to try our best to attract them, and those small ads won't work!
Just placing affiliate banners will not work! That's because 90% of our audience use adblockers or if they don't have, then they just neglect the ads!

Then, how to overcome this?

In a tension? Don't worry! Here is how we can overcome this problem -

To overcome this issue we need to use our brain and play tricks on visitors so that they can be attracted. We need to write depth and honest reviews about the products, include images about the product in those posts and use attractive headlines as well as colors.

Take a look at this Grammarly review from my friend Paramjot. It has been beautifully written, and well explained post about the tool. In that, he has tried each and everything about the tool with its images and used smilies and colors, which attract his visitor's brain (and maybe yours!).

And that's the reason why he is getting an enormous amount of views and clicks on that post.

Some extra and important points -

These are some extra points and tips which you should use in this year to get a great success in affiliate marketing - 

  • If possible, use link cloaking for affiliate links.

For example - Convert to 
  • Definitely use at least 2-4 images for the post.
Try adding in product images showing its features and importance.
  • Use colors where possible
For example - Use bright and attractive color in words describing the product's feature, details, cost, offers, and important points.
  • Be specific   
Don't write blah and blah about the product. Always write key and short points about the product in the post. Nobody wants to read a story!
  • Use the power of social media and your newsletter
Always share your review posts on social media and send emails about it to your subscribers.
Use the power of it!
  • Promote quality products
Always promote those products which you trust. Writing about nonsense products will not help you in any way!
  • If possible, give discounts to your visitors
It has been seen that people get more excited when they see 20% or 50% off tag on products. And you should use this trick too! Offer gifts and discounts to your visitors to attract them more in using the product.

  • Use your best ad spots to show promotional ads
To attract more visitors through ads, use your most attractive ad places like - top right side, after every post, etc. 

Final words 

So this was a post about the question that "Will affiliate marketing work in 2017?" and I've told the answer of it to you (i.e., It will surely work until you use your brain to attract customers). Hope you liked this article and will share it with your blogging friends. BTW do you have any other points which may help any blogger in attracting customers? If yes, then do share them through comments.
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Good Luck And Happy Blogging!

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