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OptinChat Review : Easily Build Your Email Lists By AI Chat!

4/09/2017 4 Comments
OptinChat Review

When it comes to blogging, email list building is the most important and useful prospect in blogging. But building a high-quality list is not an easy task, as you need to impress your visitors to convert them into subscribers. Don't worry anymore! Here's a beautiful tool which will help you in building your email list very easily and in very less time.

    Do you need an email list?

    Email List

    If you're a blogger and think that email list building is not useful, then you're completely wrong!
    An email list is an important aspect of every blog.Email lists help in many ways like in increasing traffic, increasing social shares, etc. so they're needed for every blog. 

    But how do you build them? By subscribing boxes? Or by  Popups? The actual truth is that these don't work anymore!

    We need something different to get email subscribers, and OptinChat is the best example!

    What is OptinChat?

    OptinChat is a free and awesome tool co-founded by Deepak Kanakaraju(Digital Deepak) which helps in building email lists very easily using AI chat!

    Here is a short video about it -

    Here is a screenshot of this tool - 

    optinchat widget

    As you can see in the above pic that this tool is very stylish, responsive and attractive ultimately helping you to build your email list easily!

    This is why I would recommend this tool to every blogger as this tool has very high CTR(Click Through Rate).

    This tool has helped me in gaining more email subscribers by 26%!

     Join OptionChat Now!

    Why OptinChat?


    OptinChat is probably the best tool in this industry to build your email list. It's SEO Friendly, responsive, light, and most importantly attractive.

    Guess what? It is free too!

    Some Features Of OptinChat

    • Mobile Friendly
    • Lightweight
    • Stylish
    • Sounds for more attraction
    • Email marketing tools integrations
    • Customisable
    • Page Rules
    • Collect Phone Numbers (New)
    • Export Email Lists Easily
    • Zapier Integration (New)
    • Custom Messages
    • Much More Coming Soon...

    So these are some features of this tool, you'll find more when you use it!

    Don't believe that this tool works? Here's the proof :

    OptinChat Funnels

    Above is the funnels overview of the first day I installed this widget on my blog! So as you can see that on just 83 impressions it captured 6 Emails and this result is of the first day!

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    Still, don't believe? You should try it now!

    What industry leaders are saying?

    OptinChat Testimonials

    Some tips on using this tool

    Here are some tips which I feel will help you in getting more out of this tool:

    • Be Natural 
    By this, I mean that you should create text which looks like you're personally contacting the visitor. Your messages should be attractive and should not make visitors feel that an AI system is talking to them.
    • Be Short
    Don't write an essay to attract visitors, instead write a short and eye-catching message.
    • Customize Reject Message Smartly
    There is an option available in this tool which will let you customize message which shows when visitors hits No button. Try to add a link in that messages so that you still get benefit from that user.
    Ex - No Problem! Do Checkout This Post > *Your Link*
    • Use Your Original Avatar
    Always show your profile image so that users may believe that it's you who's talking with them. Not showing your avatar will definitely decrease the CTR!

    All this for free! And you're still here? Common..! What are you doing? :P  Get This Tool Now!

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    Installing OptinChat In Blogger 

    So this is a very short tutorial on installing this widget in blogger blogs -

    1. First, create an account at OptinChat
    2. Fill all the necessary details and settings in the dashboard
    3. Click on Save
    4. Now you'll see a code box below.
    5. Copy the JAVASCRIPT code
    6. Go to Blogger
    7. Now Go to theme >> Edit Html
    8.  Press Ctrl+f to find </body>
    9. Finally Paste the code copied before </body> section
    10. Save the template and enjoy!
    This is how you can install OptinChat on any blogger blog.

    Installing OptinChat in WordPress blog

    Installing this widget in WordPress is much easier as this tool has a dedicated WordPress plugin.

    1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard
    2. Go to Plugins >> Add New
    3. Download OptinChat Plugin Zip File
    4. After downloading go back to plugins section and click on upload plugin
    5. Upload the downloaded zip file and press install
    6. Then activate this plugin
    7. Now hover mouse on settings >> OptinChat
    8. Paste the copied code from OptinChat question builder in the box
    9. Finally, click on Save
    10. Done!
    Didn't understood this? Here's the tutorial video -

    Final Words

    So this was an epic review of OptinChat, which is a perfect tool for building email lists. Hope you liked this review. Share this review now to let your friends know about it!
    Do comment below your experience using this tool and subscribe this blog now!

    Good Luck And Happy Email Marketing :P

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    1. Great post. :)

      But I thought Optinchat is a paid tool. :')

      1. Thanks Shivansh :)

        Nope, OptinChat is completely free! That's why I recommend it to bloggers.

        Keep coming for more exciting posts! :)

    2. Great piece of copy. I read optinchat features on many sites but your's gave me best lines. Good work Nitishk.

      1. Thanks Alex for your kind words ;)
        Keep Coming & Do Subscribe :D


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