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New Stylish Social Icons Plugin For Your Blog!

4/21/2017 6 Comments
Social Icons Plugin

Are you looking for a stylish and light social icons plugin for your blog? If yes, then congratulations! You're just a few minutes away from grabbing the most beautiful social icons plugin for your blog. Keep reading this post to get this plugin now for free! You can use this plugin on any platform including WordPress and Blogger. 
What are you waiting for? Let's start!

What Is Social Icons Plugin?

Social icons plugin is one of the most important widgets for bloggers to get social followers easily. Almost 90% of blogs use social icons plugin to get social members easily. There are many spots where you can use this widget, but it is highly recommended to use it in the sidebar for max CTR.

Think - Will someone manually go to your FB page and like it?

Definitely not!

You need to show them links to your social profiles in your blog to get their attention. Many traditional social icons widget are poorly designed which affects the CTR of the links. But this widget is specially designed keeping in mind the UX and UI it provides to your users. 

It has been discovered that native brand colors attract more visitors rather than using a single color. Plus hover effects lets them know what they're actually going to click.

Your blog definitely needs this widget! If you're using those poorly coded social widgets, just uninstall them and use this one and I'm damn sure you'll get more subscribers! 

Also, this widget can be installed on any platform including WordPress, Blogger, etc.

This is the perfect WodPress social icons widget which you can use right now for free!

Here are some features of this plugin, you'll discover more when you'll use it.

Features Of Social Icons Plugin

  • Fully Responsive
  • Native Colors
  • Hover Effects
  • Grid Layout
  • No Credit!
  • 13 Social Icons With More Coming Soon
  • Feather Light
  • High CTR
  • WordPress Plugin Coming Soon
  • Much More...
Note- These are some mentionable features, many of them are not listed 😜

Here is how this widget looks -

Social Icons Plugin

Isn't it looking good? Especially the Instagram icon(CSS gradients used to make it light). You can see that I've put RSS button at the bottom with the full width so that you can get more email subscribers for your blog as it is most important.

This plugin is best for getting social followers, but you can also add Facebook like reactions in your blog to know more about how your visitors feel.

This widget can be installed in few minutes! 

Installing Social Icons Plugin In Your Blog

As I've already told you that this widget can be installed easily in few minutes. I've provided WordPress and Blogger tutorial only. If you need other then just request through comments.

1. Signup for our newsletter through the given form

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2- After signing up, confirm the mail sent to you.

3- A new email will arrive which will contain the full guide on installing this widget on your blog.

4- Follow the tutorial carefully, and you'll successfully install this widget on your blog!

Note- Users which are already subscribed don't need to fill this form. We've sent the widget guide already to them. If not received then comment.

Need Help?

So this was a post about stylish social media plugin which you can use to get more social subscribers easily. Hope you liked this widget. If so, then do share it with your friends.

Let me know what you think about this widget, through comments. Do give suggestions if you have. Subscribe us to receive more widgets directly from onwards.

Good luck & happy blogging 😊

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  1. Sir Very Good Post , Can You tell me which blogger template you are using ? is the Template is free ? i like this template so much !! i want it on my blog , Please Tell me.

    1. Thanks for your kind words :D
      This is custom template built from scratch by me. If you want then mail me at
      Keep coming & good luck :)

    2. Sir Thanks alot , I have sent a message to that email , Please review and send me reply.

    3. Welcome :D Keep Coming & Do Share Our Posts With Your Friends :)

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    5. First of all don't say me "Sir". I am a human just like you. I've already sent you mail, please check it :)


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