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[Case Study] How I Got AdSense Approval For New Blog!

5/15/2017 15 Comments
Google AdSense Case Study!

AdSense, a dream for bloggers, right? We party hard if we get its approval but also cry if get rejected. But for me, it was a party time! Today I am sharing the case study that how I got Google AdSense approval for a 24 days old blog! Yes, you heard me! I got approved for a 24 days old blog! Want to know how I got approval? Simple, read this case study briefly... So, let's start!

What Is Google AdSense?

Haha, I am not kidding... I know that you know what this is but still... 

Google AdSense is the perfect platform for bloggers and advertisers for advertising reach.  

AdSense ads work on the basis of CPM and CPC. 

CPM stands for Cost Per 1000 Impressions

Whereas CPC stands for Cost Per Click

You can use AdSense to earn money from your blog easily through these two factors. 

I am not telling you more about it now. You can know more about Google Adsense from the official site.

Can Every Blog Get AdSense Approved?

No, adult blogs and some other blogs which violate AdSense policies cannot get approved.

Also, you need to have some traffic and content before applying to AdSense.

Blogs having copied content can't get approval easily, so I always suggest bloggers write unique and quality content to get approval easily.

There are many posts available regarding "Getting AdSense Approval Easily," "AdSense Approval Tricks," etc.

But I am not going to do the same.

I mean I am writing the steps through which I got AdSense approval for a 24 days old blog!

Yes, I know you're shocked by 24 days, and I was too!

So without more chit chat, let's start the case study -

AdSense Case Study

Case Study

Guess what? I am revealing the blog also!!! 😍

So the blog for which I am writing the case study is not other than this blog!!!

Yes, I am talking about The Blogging Arena, the blog which you're currently at!

Let's start the story -

You might be knowing that this blog was named as My Blogging Arena previously when it was on Blogspot subdomain.

I bought custom .com domain on 6th of April, yes it's not that old...

After just 24 days of buying the domain, I got AdSense approval!!!

Before giving the strategies which I used, here is the screenshot of that beautiful email 😜

AdSense Approval Email

I know you're eager to see such type of email yourself, without taking more time. 😝

Here are the strategies which I used -

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Before applying for AdSense, I published five posts having more than 700+ words in each post.

My Secret Tip

Before applying for AdSense publish 1-3 posts in the same week. This helps in proving that yes, this blog publishes content regularly and it's good for AdSense.

And I'm damn sure that this happened in my case also!

Don't overload your blog with posts before applying for AdSense. Deliver the best content you can to get more value for those posts.

You can't write foolish posts and get AdSense approved!

Blog Design

TBA Blog Design

I always say "Blog Design Matters A Lot."

Having a light and clean theme can boost your blog approval chance!

And that's what happened to me also.

The template which I am using is clean, responsive, good looking.

Responsive template is must for every blog!

There are many free responsive themes available, go get them before AdSense disapproves you again!

Provide Best Ever User Experience

User Experience

In today's world, UX matters the most!

High bounce rate and pogo sticking can dramatically decrease your blog rankings and led to penalization.

Before applying for AdSense, remove unnecessary ads and popups.

AdSense team sees UX as an important factor.

Before applying I also removed unnecessary widgets, ads, popups, etc. to make a good UX which can be more appealable.

Speed also matters. 

Necessary Pages

Blog Pages

I don't think that this thing helped me, but still, it's an important factor.

Every blog needs some important page like contact page, about page, privacy policy page, disclaimer page, etc.

Not having such pages can lead to disapproval.

So before applying make sure that your blog has these pages and are well maintained also.

Also, add some important widgets like social plugin, popular posts, search, etc. which can improve the requirements of visitors.

Other Strategies

I will definitely say that I got approval due to my hard work on this blog.

I posted regular content on this blog even when it was on a subdomain, and that was an up point for this blog.

It was good already, so it deserved the approval.

Proper label utilization also helped me. Doing label/tags stuffing is not good for SEO or your blog. Always use categories which match post content.

Traffic also plays a vital role. You can't get AdSense approval on a zero traffic blog. 

So as this blog was getting good traffic, it was an up point again, which lead to approval.

Note - I would not say the blog as new rather a new domain blog. But yes, the domain also matters, so I termed it as a new blog. Also, I stopped working on it for many moths that's why I've used this title.

If you have a baby blog, then apply after at least 15 days or more. 

Wrapping Up

So this was my case study on how I got AdSense approval for a 24 days old blog. I shared the strategies which I used before applying for AdSense.

Hope you liked this case study.

Do share it with your friends and let me know your valuable feedback through comments.

Good luck & happy blogging 😉

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  1. Hey bro, i want to know how to create advertise page like you with "ADD TO CART". Thanks

    1. Hi. I am using AdClerks as direct advertisement selling platform. You can signup there and get the widget and then install it on your blog.
      Thanks & Keep Coming :)

    2. Bro, can i sell some of my ebooks using this plugin.

    3. No, AdClerks is a platform to sell banner ads only. To sell ebooks you can use instamojo, other ebook selling platforms.
      Thanks :)

  2. This case study is short but it's effective. Thanks for sharing this mate! :D

    1. Thanks Bright Joe.
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  3. Just came to this case study from your Facebook post, it's pretty dope! Thanks for sharing bro!

    1. Thanks Keiko.
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  4. Really nice article Nitishk Gupta thanks for share.

    1. Thanks Rajana.
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  5. Content matters for adsense. So if you have good content then you will get approval easily.

    1. Aniket I totally agree with you ;)
      Keep Coming & Do Subscribe :)

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  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Abhishek for your kind words ;)
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