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Guest Posting: The Smartest Guide

5/01/2017 13 Comments
Guest Posting

Guest post, the most organic way to get backlinks, right? Bloggers love to do guest posts on high DA and TF blogs, right? But, wait! Do you know how to get most out of your guest posts? Do you know how you can get max results like- traffic, backlink quality, etc. from your guest posts? Don't worry! I'll share my secret techniques which I use while guest posting on blogs, which helps me get good traffic and email leads. So let's start!

Are Guest Posts Meant For Backlinks Only?

Pretty good question, huh? The answer is no! Guest posts are not supposed to get backlinks, traffic, blah blah.. only, they are meant to get authority and trust from others. 

It's simple, what you write is what you get. You write good content, Congo you get more trust and traffic.

Don't ever write a guest post just to get backlinks and traffic.

You know what? That's the truth!

If you're not getting a backlink from a guest post, then still do it!

I think that I've already answered the question. And that's it!

Now the question comes, how to deliver best guest posts?

Here are some guest posting tips and tricks which you can use to make a good impact for your blog through guest posts -

1- Be Niche Specific


Ok, tell me one thing, how would you feel if you go to a shoe shop and instead of seeing shoes you see chocolates(Yummy 😍)? If you're a chocolate lover(like me), you'll buy them but what If you're not? 

Will it not look weird?

Yep! It will!

That's what happens in the blogging world too!

You're a sports niche blogger, and you're writing on food niche? How will your visitors feel? Will you able to write a detailed and informative article about it? I don't think so!

What I want to say is that always publish guest posts on topics, which you're good at!

That's what users will like.

Also, you need to select a blog which matches the topic.

If you need to check up with 1500+ Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts, you can catch the whole list at this blog post.

For example - You'll write a football related post on sports niche blog, not on SEO blog. Right?

2- Use UpToDown Guest Posting Technique

Have you ever heard of this technique? No? Don't worry!

Ok, you've guest posted on many blogs, and you've made backlinks on your author profile. Do you it's not good? Do you know that Google can easily catch them?

Yes, that's the truth

Google is not a fool! By the power of AI, it knows everything about a post!

The motive is to make organic looking backlinks, not just to make them!

So, what does this technique is all about?

According to the name UpToDown, it can be clearly understood that backlinks position matters a lot in SEO!

Will a visitor click a link which is at the top of page or a link which is at the bottom? Top one!

Google treats in-paragraph links as organic. The technique of getting backlink through author box is old now!

And if you still make a backlink from author box, it's LIS(Link Influence Score) will be very less.

You can watch this video, made by Brian Dean -

He has talked about this method in this video.

I am using this technique since few days, and I'm getting pretty decent and high quality backlinks through it.

Check this post and see how I've interlink my best amp blogger templates article in it.

UpToDown Technique

This link gave me a good LIS score backlink from my friend's blog. 

Saw the style I used to link that article? See how I increased LIS score by using related keywords in the linked paragraph.

And that's how you need to interlink too!

Now you're asking What about my old guest posts?

It's simple, either comment on that guest post about changing the link or contact the admin to do so.

Here's the template which I use -

Hi, [Admin]! You're doing a great job in this blog and I'm pretty happy about it. Just wanted to inform you that I published a guest post on [Blog Name] recently at [Guest Post Link] and want you to add a link inside post having text - [Your Link Paragraph]. You can remove my profile link for this. It would be great if you do so. Thanks & Good Luck :)
 I used this template and got many links through it!

Also, always link to those articles which are related to the topic of guest post

If you're writing a guest post on cricket bats, then don't ever link to football article on your blog. 

Will any visitor reading a post about cricket will go to football related post? No!

So, let's move on to another technique

3- Always Use Outbound Linking

Outbound Linking
I've already written many things about this technique in this guest post.

It has been proved that using Outbound links in a post improves its rankings and help in getting on top of SERPS.

The common problem which comes is that the blog admin doesn't accept them.

They don't know the importance of using this technique.

And that's why they either remove OBL or change them to no follow attribute.

What you can do is that tell them the importance of OBLs or tell them to make them nofollow.

Yes, getting at least a nofollow link to authority blog might be useful for that post. But no guarantee! 

Using OBL can help Google's AI-powered RankBrain algorithm to understand the context of the content.

4- Do Proper Keyword Research

Keyword Research

You need to treat guest posts like your blog posts. Use the same techniques which you use to rank posts in your blog, and you'll get more impact through guest posts.

Do proper keyword research, SEO, etc. for all of your guest posts as the motive is to make our backlinks look organic, not inorganic.

There are many keyword research guides available, through which you can learn this technique.

There is a simple formula

The More Traffic You Get On Guest Posts, The More On Your Backlinked Content!
And I think you know it pretty well, right?

You can learn more about how to do guest posts, and where to do them in this post.

5- Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is one of the worst SEO practices. 

And I think you must be aware of this.

Outbound links on keyword-stuffed posts can lead to penalizing of the blog!

Here is an example how a keyword-stuffed post looks like - 

Keyword Stuffing Example

If you're doing this kind of practice on your blog post or even guest posts, immediately remove them!

Or you're gonna face many problems in future...

Google is now focusing mainly on the context of content and if you're doing this mistake, believe me, you're killing yourself! (This time I'm not joking 😜)

Using LSI keywords can help you solve this problem.

I recommend you to use LSIGraph to get LSI keyword ideas.

Here's how I used it for this post and you should also use on every post you write -


I got many good LSI keywords from this tool, and I've used some of them in this post.

Implementing LSI Keywords can help you to rank a content for multiple keywords.

Must Read: Does Every Blog Use Advertisements To Earn Money?

Let's move to another tip.

6- Always Reply To Comments


Are you getting comments on your guest posts? That's great! But are you replying them?

You're thinking that What I Will Get By Replying To Comments?

BTW I am not a psychologist 😜

Replying to comments on guest posts can help you get trust.

Are you not believing me? Common...

Almost 70% of visitors quit a post after reading...

What? Are you angry? Sometimes I get too!

You think you've done hard work on writing a guest post and you'll get traffic to your blog through author bio? Common.. Are you kidding me? 😜

How did you think about it?

That's why replying to comments comes handy....

The one's who comment, most probably know you. But If you get their trust, you can eventually get one more subscriber for your blog.

One tip - Don't add your website in replying comments...

You know why?

Because you've already got one from the post, and most importantly follow one.

Keep them look original and helping. 

If someone is asking a question related to that post, surely reply them with the solutions!

Trust me; you're not wasting your time in this. Instead, you're building your trust and authority.

7- Use Images Whenever Required


You think you can keep visitors engaged on your guest posts by text?

Will you like reading a book without images?

This is what happens in blogging world also.

You write a post without images, boom you get 90+ bounce rate for that post.

And trust me, that isn't a good for that guest post and your linked content.

Ok, If you added your blog link say after 300 words and a visitor leaves the post after reading 250 words. Is that link worth? Do you think that link will give you traffic?

I've already used ten images till now, and the reason you're reading this line is that only!

I guarantee you should not have crossed reading 500 words of this post if it contained one or two images only.

Congo, You've already read 1.5k words!

Isn't that great?

And I know your struggle in reading these 1.5k words 😎

Ok, come to the above situation again. Will you get clicks on your links when a visitor is even not reaching it?

I don't think so :p

Adding images can help you make the guest post look more original, ultimately increasing the LIS of that link.

8- Final Secret Tips


You were thinking - When the hell will this post finish?

Am I right? 😝

Believe me, that this is the last point.

You've already read 1.6k words, and I'm not gonna make it 2k 😎

Here are some secret tips I would recommend you to use when pitching a guest post...

  • Always use 1st person grammar in your guest posts
  • Don't claim yourself as a team, instead use I and me in guest posts
  • Use proper headings, bold, italics, colors in posts to keep visitors engaged
  • Interlink to blog's articles for faster approval
  • Don't mention yourself everywhere
  • Build backlinks for your guest posts [known as tiered link building]
  • Add final section at the end of posts
So this is it!

Wrapping It Up

First of all, salute to you as you've come this far of this post :)

Secondly please forgive me for writing this big post 😜

So this was the ultimate guest posting guide which will help you get more impact through guest posts.

Thanks for reading this 1.7k words guest posting guide 😍

BTW do you think I missed any techniques? What was your experience after using these techniques? Have suggestions for this guide?

Feel free to share them through comments.

Good luck & happy guest posting 😊

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  1. Hi, Nitishk. Actually, the way you're using to write each post is very simple and that's why I give you opportunity to guest post on my blog. Keep up the good work bro. I'm feeling much happy to see teenagers like you in the blogging industry. Best wishes from my side. :)

    Paramjot Singh
    ~ MyBloggerGuides

    1. Thanks Paramjot for your kind words :D
      Good luck & keep coming :)

  2. Your all through and content is really good thanks for help me :)

    1. Thanks Rajana.
      Keep Coming & Do Share It :)

  3. What a fantastic post! I haven’t even finished reading it yet before commenting Well, I haven’t done any guest posts yet but am definitely looking at growing and writing some. Guest Blogging Guidelines in SEO

    I’ve bookmarked this for future reference, Thanks.

    Happy Blogging

    1. Thanks Pavitra.
      Keep coming and good luck :)

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  5. We should write Guest Post for building Relationship among bloggers not for a backlink.
    Thanks for this 2k words awesome article ;).

    1. Thanks Pronob for your kind words ;)
      Keep coming & do share!

  6. Hi Nitishk,

    Keep up the good work of writing descriptive posts. Just launched my new blog and guest blogging is a great way to grow and increase exposure.

    Either way, keep up the good work. ;)

    1. Thanks Bright Joe for your kind words ;)
      Keep Coming & do share!

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