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How To Improve Alexa Ranking Of A Website

8/26/2017 8 Comments

Alexa Rank is a quick metric that shows the actual performance of a site on the Internet. It also compares your status relative to all other similar sites which are popular or are at the top.
So you need to impart value and functionality to your site to rank well in the Alexa meter. A low figure shows poor performance obviously and thus you can carefully analyze the areas where you need to give more efforts. So here are some tips/tricks through which you can improve Alexa rankings of your websites -

How Alexa Works?

It has its own traffic data panel comprising millions of people from all over the world. It thus calculates the no. of genuine visitors visiting a particular site. Its data is accurate as it identifies and discards fake or spam traffic. 

It's data scientists present just the human data so that exact estimation could be done. It takes into consideration the average daily visitors and the page views over the past three months. The lowest rank is held somewhere around 30 million. Alexa shows no stats beyond this figure.

Why Improve Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank is still counted as a major factor to look for a site's popularity and traffic estimation. Though there are many other tools present, Alexa shows the most accurate data.

So, if you're a blogger or marketer, Alexa rank will definitely matter to you. 

Almost every advertiser looks Alexa rankings of a site before thinking to advertise on a site/blog.


There is no disadvantage in improving it, right?

Without more chit chat, let's start with the tips/tricks -

Tips/Tricks To Improve Alexa Ranking Of A Website

1: Produce 100% Original Content 


This is the first aspect that holds the maximum part in determining if your site would be gaining genuine potential visitors or not. 

Content is definitely the king. This is why leading blogs hire experienced writers to produce engaging content for their sites. Visit Contentmart, and you’ll find the best writers for your brand. 

Posting content requirements on Contentmart is absolutely free. And the huge assemblage of talented freelance copywriters assures high-quality content delivery that too within stipulated time frame.  

This is great, isn’t it? Your writer would handle all the content related tasks so that you can focus on other things essential for improving the overall status of the site.

2: Find Audience Driving Keywords 


Keywords play an important role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Having some specific keywords in the content (related to the main topic) can increase your probability of being noticed.

So you should find these keywords, optimize your site or can even buy PPC campaigns for those specific keywords. The inclusion of these words helps in stating the site higher in the search results. 

This increases the traffic, and thus Alexa rank would be improved. Refer content dealing site Contentmart to take help from expert content writers who have a great knowledge in playing with the keywords.

3: Compare Your Marketing Strategies With Your Competitors

Marketing Strategies

Comparison always provides a path towards improvement. Analyzing your competitor’s stats gets your own site into context. Soon you’ll find the metrics which are important.

You, therefore, can implement these strategies to bring in industrial trends at your own place. This also helps in planning for the future, regarding the type of content you would be dealing with in the upcoming days.

You need to analyze some things of your competitors including keywords, backlinks, etc. so that you may outrank them easily and effectively.

4: Link To The Popular Sites


Taking help from an established site is always beneficial. This not just improves the site reputation but also makes people notice the less known site/blog. Including inbound links makes your site more reliable to the search engines.

Already established sites have its own audience base and linking with them can help you increase your traffic as well. Internal links play a similar role somehow. They drive audience from one post to the other being on the same site. 

It’s like reading another post which was previously posted in the same place but has some relation to the current post.

5: Focus On SEO


SEO, Search Engine Optimization, decides if your site would rank higher in the search results or not. This further depends upon some specific keywords, inbound links, internal links, images, etc. that drive traffic to your competitors. 

SEO is a much-needed thing today, in fact, the most crucial because now we have millions of competitors to race with. So find an SEO expert who could manage all by himself. 

Contentmart stands tall in the industry, serving SEO content needs of the businesses. It has a good database of SEO content writers. You can talk with them or can even hire them to do the magic for your website. This saves both, time and energy, and you can focus on other crucial things to rank higher.

Proper implementation of SEO can boost blog/site traffic and improve the Alexa ranking of the blog/site significantly as traffic is one of the most important factors in Alexa.

Final Words

Dealing with Alexa is not simple. Your site should perform to be having mind-blowing figures over Alexa Meter. It is not even that difficult that would need to invest years improving your website and achieve a fine position there. 

All it needs is investing time and energy to the right thing and it all would take you through the very right path. So hurry up, you have all the stuff now.

So, these are some tips which you can follow to improve your Alexa rankings.

Hope you liked the post and must've shared it with your friends.

Good Luck 😇

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  1. Hey nice article.How much time does it take you to write an article?Mine take about 1-1.5 hours on my this blog .You have done a great job in making the template of your blog.I also wanna do that so i am learning html and css as well.How much time did it take you to learn web development to this extent so that you could make your own blogger template?

    1. Hi Muhammad Ameen,

      The time to write a article depends and varies for each article.
      I've learnt Blogger Template development by myself and some sources. Don't remember them.
      I am going to update the "Building Blogger Template" series ASAP with new additions.

      Good Luck & Keep Coming ;)

  2. Hi nishik,
    it was a good time to read your articles good info regarding this alexa info it was fabulous
    thanks for providing such a good information
    waiting for next template design post

    1. Thanks Sai Krishna for your kind words.
      I will try to post next part of "building blogger template" series ASAP.

      Keep Coming & Do Subscribe ;)

  3. Super cool tips to improve alexa ranking and I believe I must try all these tips.

  4. Wow! Great post. The tips are working. Thank you much


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