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Rankz Review: A Good Rank Tracking Tool?

12/05/2018 No Comment
Rankz: Keyword Rank Tracking Tool

Rank tracking is probably the most useful aspect of blogging. Every blogger wants to know on what position his/her site is ranking on the SERPS, right? So, here is a detailed review of a new tool called "Rankz". I've personally tried this tool, and it works like a charm! So, let's begin with the detailed review of this tool and other aspects of it as well.

What Is Rank Tracking?

We all know that, in blogging, posts need to be written according to keywords. These keywords are selected after doing proper keyword research. In case you're looking for a good keyword research tool, you can try KWFinder, which is a great keyword research tool. So, after posting some articles on those keywords, you definitely wanna see how you're ranking for them. To do this, rank tracking tools are used. Though, there are many rank tracking tools available in the market like  SERPWatcher, Ahrefs, SERPs, what makes Rankz different? For me, it is an accurate and very fast tool which provides access to ranking data without too many hassles.

Now, you must be wondering "Do I really need to use rank tracking tools?". If yes, here's why you should and why you shouldn't-

Is Rank Tracking Necessary?

For me, a BIG YES! I mean why shouldn't you? With the algorithm changes done by Google day by day, you need to track your status on the SERPS. When you're just starting with a new blog, you don't need the rank tracking part, as there will be no rankings in starting. But, while you're growing and have already begun to rank for a few right keywords, you should use rank tracking tools.

If money is interfering you, you can try some free options as well(with few limitations). Rankz provides you a full working trial where you can test the tool thoroughly. If you like it, it's yours!
Now, let's move to the review!

Rankz Review

So, here is the review of Rankz keyword rank tracking tool. I've shared my experience on using this tool. This tool is new, so don't expect too many features now. I'm sure it'll grow much bigger soon!

Rankz Dashboard

Rankz Dashboard

Ya, it looks quite good and most importantly provides accurate and fresh data to you every day! To be honest, for a starting company it's quite good and their providing access to the tool at a very cheap rate! If you want to test it, you can signup for a free 7-days trial using this link.

Rankz Project Overview

Rankz Project Overview

This is how the project/rankings overview look like. It shows all the essential details like positions changes, volume, CPC, and URL. You can also select a keyword and manually refresh it. You can share access to data with your team members, which is great if you have a team.

Rankz New Project Page

This is how you can get started using Rankz! It's just four simple steps, and you're done! Easy as you think, right? Rankz also offers a variety of countries for tracking. 

Rankz Graphs

Rankz Graphs

It looks good, right? Along with the rankings graph, it shows you the top SERP results to let you know of your competition. You'll also see the Ahrefs metrics for ranking URLs like the number of backlinks, referring domains, DR, AR, and words count of the articles. Co You also get a date picker by which you can see the ranking graph for the selected time interval.

Rankz Keyword Suggestions

Rankz Keyword Suggestions

This is one of the best features I like about this tool. It suggests you related keywords for your project gathered from Google SERP. You get some keyword suggestions with search volume, a perfect combo!

Rankz Pricing

The Individual plan starts from $9.99 per month and offers 10 domains with 200 keywords and 2 daily refreshes for every keyword.

The SEO Ninja plan starts from $19.99 per month and offers 25 domains with 500 keywords and 3 times daily refresh for every keyword.

While the most expensive plan is Company plan which offers 75 domains with 2000 keywords and 5 daily refreshes for every keyword.

If you're just starting out, you can try the tool with Individual or SEO Ninja plans. All the plans offer keyword suggesting,  search volume and CPC data, white label reports, and team member access. Here's how pricing looks:

Rankz Pricing

If you made it till here, you're definitely interested in this tool, right? What are you waiting for? Start using this tool now!

Final Words

So, this is a review of Rankz, a rank tracking tool. It is a great tool, and I am personally using it. Though it's new and under development, you'll find the most essential features only. It's going to have more great features in the future.

You can try the tool completely free with the 7-day free trial. It'll give you the best experience of using the tool. So, what are you waiting for? There's no charge for testing in the trial period :p

Thanks :)

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