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5 Ways Niche Business Can Improve Their SEO

4/06/2019 No Comment

Lots of businesses focus on traditional niches, however. there is still a need for more unusual companies to provide somewhat less obvious services to an increasingly demanding and diverse public. Here are five expert SEO tips for weird and wonderful businesses that are guaranteed to help you expand your reach.

Whether you’re hand illustrating pinheads or writing poems for weddings when you’re working in a unique sector, it can be difficult to know how to attract business to your website.

When you’re serving unconventional audiences, you’ve got the advantage of a less crowded and competitive marketplace.

But don’t get excited just yet - remember, you’ve also got a smaller pool of potential customers, so you’ll need to work quite a bit harder to generate sales online.

So, how can you help all those people looking for your services to connect with your business on the internet?

… by acing your SEO strategy! Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry – here are five expert SEO tips for weird and wonderful businesses that are guaranteed to help you expand your reach.

Take a cold hard look at your current position

Everyone has to start from somewhere and to find your starting line, you have to actually locate it. To work out where you currently stand in the search rankings:
  • Use your website builder’s inbuilt metrics function to find out what keywords you’re currently ranking for and how much interest they’re generating
  • Use free SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and Search Console
  • Use the free trial periods of advanced backlink and rank checkers like and to get more detail
If this all sounds like too much jargon and tech for you, hire a freelancer to deliver the verdict. Most are inexpensive and save you quite a lot of time if you’re new to this SEO game.

Think long-tail and hard about your keywords

The next step is to take some action. And by ‘action’ I mean to hunt down some long-tails. Long-tail keywords are keywords that people use to find things online that consist of three or more individual words.

The reason these are great for niche businesses is that they’re never the most popular, so competition for them is lower than more popular, simpler keywords. For example, if you wanted to rank for your poems, you’d have an easier job reaching the job for ‘custom wedding poems’ than just basic old ‘poems’. Especially since the latter encompasses everything in the world related to poems.

You need to choose long-tails that are the most relevant to what you do so when people look for that very specific thing, you’re keyed in to pop up.

Don’t go all-out straight away. Small business in more specialised markets should test a few keywords at a time, rather than going all-guns-blazing on a full SEO campaign.

Make Your Ideas Original

If you’re using somebody else’s ideas, even if you’re looking at them from a different viewpoint, you won’t be maximising your potential. You’re operating within an unconventional sphere, so be completely unique in your approach.

Ask the questions which nobody has asked yet and take truly original spins on marketing tactics like subscription emails an social media competitions.

By doing this, you’ll forge a strong name for your business within its niche space and provide the oxygen to ignite a dedicated following. The SEO benefit here is that this band of groupies will regularly interact with your website and content, giving you a solid basis for visibility in the rankings.

Get social media savvy

Your SEO goal is always to get noticed! If people see you, so do search engines.
However, you’ve got one major problem… your target audience might not know how to find you, or even that you exist.

For example, who knew that someone was making household items out of old colouring pencils and resin before his successful social media campaign?

You need to make yourself visible before you can improve your SEO. What better way to do that than by harnessing the power of social media? By connecting with influencers, syndicating content and regularly following and leaving comments for new people, your brand will start to emerge from the dark.

Encourage backlinks from influencers in your network

On the topic of influencers, one of the best ways to improve your rankings is to cultivate backlinks from influencers in your industry.

If your business is particularly niche, you might think there’s no one else out there to interact with. But people don’t have to be the same as you to be in your industry. If we take the example of colored-pencil-bowl makers. Realistically, they’re probably few and far between.
However, our repurposing aficionado can connect with other woodturners, craftsmen, home-workshop owners, and so on.

To find influencers you share things in common with and get their attention by discussing their products and services, reposting their content and mentioning them by name, commenting on their blogs and posts and following them on social media.

If they see what you do and like it, they might feature your work or your content with a link back to your site. These backlinks cultivate your ‘web authority’ which is one of Google’s key ranking factors.

There’s simply nothing better than doing what you love for a living… except perhaps ranking well for it in search engines. Niche businesses, no matter how unique or bizarre can all benefit from hacking their SEO. If you follow these tips, you’ll be edging up the search result pages in no time.

Hope you had a great time reading this article :)

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