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Free Hosting Vs Paid Hosting: Which One Should Bloggers Use?

6/23/2019 No Comment

We all know when it comes to blogging, "hosting" word surely comes top in the list. Many new bloggers don't know the major difference between types of hosting like shared, VPS, dedicated. They also don't know which hosting they actually need for their blog/s. If you're a blogger who is confused about which hosting they should use: free or paid, you must read this post! This post covers major differences between free and paid hosting. So, what are you waiting for? Let's go!

Why Choose Hosting For Your Blog?

There’s no escape from the very fact that everybody wants an internet site. It's true that the tiny business house owners, start-ups and new entrepreneurs are allured with the construct of free internet hosting because it cuts down the price to some extent. However, before you set about deciding, what's best for you? Free internet hosting or paid internet hosting?

When it involves selecting an internet hosting service for your new web site, you'll end up additional baffled than ever with endless selections of free and paid hosting suppliers. This can be very true if you're new within the webmaster world and haven't managed your own web site before.

If you want to host multiple(say 10+) sites for cheap, you might have to opt for PBN hostings. You can read Pbn hosting reviews and decide yourself which one to use or not.

With the economy the means it's without delay, new entrepreneurs are searching for ways that to save lots of cash in their start-up prices. Everybody appears to be searching for free internet hosting however they very don’t perceive the price to their business by doing this.

Go through the ten points mentioned below, they compare a number of the foremost necessary options, blessings, and drawbacks of free versus paid internet hosting services, which is able to assist you to decide what's best for you!


Reliability is one amongst the foremost hanging points that differentiate free internet hosting from paid internet hosting. Generally, free internet hosting platforms don't give constant time period just like the one provided by the paid internet hosting firms. This is often as a result of correct server infrastructure is needed to supply a smart time period and speed to websites. Thus if you decide for a free web hosting platform, you would possibly expertise time period to your web site at some instances or it's going to conjointly happen that a free internet hosting platform won't be fully capable of handling the traffic spikes on your web site.

On balance, your business is formed from the convenience of your customers and guests. Slightest incontinence thanks to a slow web site or thanks to a web site that down randomly times might mean a loss of consumers. Most of the skilled paid internet hosting platforms guarantee ninety-nine time period that could be a necessity for your business web site.

Your Own Domain vs. Their Subdomain

Most free hosting suppliers can give you a subdomain (e.g. “”) and cannot enable you to use your own name (e.g. “”).

That may not be an enormous deal for a private journal or a little informational web site, however, it will matter if it's a heavy web site.

Here square measures a few of reasons why victimization your own name, that comes with paid hosting, is healthier than employing a free subdomain:

  • You will have full and exclusive possession of the name.
  • In case you modify the host within the future, you'll still use a similar domain.
  • You can have your custom email address (e.g.
  • It looks additional credible and skilled than a subdomain.
  • It ranks higher in search engines.

Bandwidth and Storage Space

Professional internet hosting suppliers offer a good array of internet hosting packages that have totally different variations of information measure and cupboard space. you'll build an Associate in Nursing acceptable choice consistent with your web site needs. However, once it involves free internet hosting corporations, terribly restricted information measure and cupboard space is provided.

Providing adequate information measure and cupboard space to the shoppers needs a whole infrastructure operating within the backend; so, it's obvious that a real internet hosting company can charge for it.

If you decide for a free internet hosting package, everything may look sensible within the starting however as your web site grows and after you ought to unload or transfer video files, photos or alternative media files, things can begin obtaining troublesome for you. With restricted hosting resources and with a restricted quantity of support for growth from the net hosting company, your web site can usually encounter problems like speed down and time period.

Search Engine Rankings

Most websites rely upon search engines as their primary supply of traffic (visitors). There is a unit several factors that confirm however websites area is unit hierarchic in search engines, and your internet hosting service also can have an effect on your computer program optimization (SEO) efforts.

Generally speaking, free-hosted websites typically rank lower in search engines for one or two of reasons:

  • Most free hosts are swarming with low-quality and spam sites, and such “bad neighborhood” might have a negative SEO result on alternative sites hosted there.
  • Subdomains tend to rank poorer than personal (your own) domain names.
  • Free-hosted sites are additional, probably to expertise period of time and slow page loading, which may negatively have an effect on user expertise and therefore search rankings.
  • To ascertain an internet presence, you'll have an internet site, and for it to travel and keep on-line it wants a reliable internet hosting service.

Website Security & Privacy

We reside in AN era once the hacking tries are improvising beside the improvisation within the security technologies; so, whether or not your web site is tiny or massive, web site security is of predominant importance. 

Free net hosting might not price you cash, however, it should price you one thing that several folks worth over money: privacy.
If you choose for a free net hosting account, their square measure probabilities that the online hosting company won’t be chargeable for your web site security. What if your web site gets compromised? are you willing to lose your information and your customers due to dangerous web site security? 

You see, servers are expensive and corporations that give free hosting have to be compelled to create cash somehow. Therefore some corporations could sell your personal data and phone details to advertisers, or they will collect and sell information regarding your web site guests, or they will show ads on your web site, or use different techniques to legitimatize the “free” service.

Free hosting doesn't associate with an equivalent level of security measures and measures as you'd get with a paid arrange. In fact, free hosts square measure a typical target of hackers and malware.  

In order to safeguard your web site against hacking tries, it's vital to pick an internet hosting supplier WHO takes complete responsibility for your web site security.

Technical Support and Assistance

Don’t expect any free host to supply reliable technical support if any at all! Most free services associate with terribly basic and restricted support.

Remember: free hosting corporations don’t extremely owe you something, therefore don’t be stunned if your web site goes down for days or perhaps weeks with no word from the corporate — it's an undeniable fact that the free hosting suppliers don't provide immediate support for technical problems. 

It's not necessary that each web site owner has complete technical data, so within the absence of a timely net hosting support, you may have to be compelled to agitate several technical and client problems rather than that specialize in business growth. Lack of technical support is very a major issue for the websites that employment with MySQL databases, PHP and Pearl scripts. With paid hosting services, each business has access to 24/7 technical support, so creating their work easier and hassle-free.

Conclusion: You Need To See The Bigger Picture!

Web presence is crucial to all or any businesses. To determine an online presence, you'll have a web site, and for it to travel and keep on-line it wants a reliable net hosting service.

So what's reliable? will "paid hosting" suggests that higher, a lot of reliable services?
Not essentially true.
A lot of times, free net hosting and paid hosting offers similar security, network information measure, and port speed. the sole distinction is that the hosting options enclosed. These options embody extra disk storage, knowledge transfer, a lot of scripting support, a lot of email accounts, etc.

For a business gap a replacement web site, or for any regular web site, the disk storage and knowledge transfer offered by a free net hosting service would be comfortable. It takes time to grow a web site and accumulates enough guests to reach the storage and/or knowledge transfer limits of a free web hosting package. You'll continually upgrade your service from the free net hosting to paid hosting once the time comes.

Most tiny businesses don't like over five email accounts. A lot of accounts you have got simply suggests that the longer you have got to pay to manage them. Several free net hosting suppliers provide email aliases (or email forwarders) that permit you to form the illusion of getting many various email addresses however indeed, all emails to those aliases are redirected and managed by one account.

Unless you're designing on victimization applications that need advanced scripting support (ie. a content management system, associate degree e-commerce pushcart, etc.), your net files can merely be of hypertext markup language and image files. Hypertext markup language and image files don't need advanced scripting support - any free net hosting services can do.

In conclusion, unless your web site needs the precise options offered by the paid hosting plans, free net hosting services can be all you wish and particularly if you're getting to save on cash while not compromising on the performance.

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