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SERP Empire Review: New Way To Boost Rankings?

12/06/2019 No Comment
SERP Empire

Everyone wants to see a boost in their rankings, right? We, bloggers, do everything possible to ensure our blogs/websites rank higher in the SERPs. Have you ever wondered if you could boost your rankings by doing literally nothing? Yes, it is possible! Here is a detailed review of a new service called SERP Empire, which lets you boost your SEO rankings in a very short period!

What is SERP Empire

It's basically an SEO service that will help you boost your rankings by going to the keywords you want to rank for and clicking on your result.

In simple words, CTR Manipulation. We all know that CTR plays a very vital role in SEO these days. Google will lookout who is getting better CTR and automatically rank that site higher than older ones. You can check out SERP Empire yourself and find out more about them.

If you don't know much about CTR, you can learn more about CTR from Wikipedia.

Here is the image showing the process of SERP Empire:

SERP Empire Process

SERP Empire Features

Here are some of the features which this service offers:
  • You can customize the bounce rate
  • You can customize the page views
  • You can target the country of your choice
  • You can add your site even if it's on page 3 of Google
  • You can create campaigns in a few seconds
  • You can get very fast support
So, these were some of the features SERP Empire offers.

SERP Empire Pricing

SERP Empire Pricing

Well the pricing is pretty straightforward, isn't it? If you're just wanting to try this service, you can start with the Newcomer plan, or if don't want to spend a penny first, go with the Free plan!

Does this work? 

Definitely! Why would it not work? It's a very simple process and everyone knows that CTR is a factor in SEO rankings. So, it works! 

Note: Don't expect a sudden and very big change in your rankings and traffic through SERP Empire. This service helps you boost your CTR numbers. Google will still look for various on-page and off-page factors to decide your rankings. If visitors are not satisfied, they will hop-back and this will create a negative impact on your rankings. So, make sure you've decent content on your site before trying out your service, else you'll be blaming me :p.

SERP Empire Customizability

Here is how you will be able to customize your campaign:

SERP Empire Customizability

So, you can basically customize almost everything, which includes: country, percent of mobile searches(increase if you want more mobile visitors), bounce rate, page views, time on site, day traffic.

One thing I liked the most is the ability to customize the traffic you get on a particular day. If you want more traffic on Monday, simply drag that Monday range and that's it!

Isn't it good?

Meanwhile, if you're facing any problems or have any doubts, you can easily get support through the chat:

SERP Empire Support

If you're a blogger, this service is a must to try! Try it and you'll surely like the service.

Read till here? Looks like you're pretty interested, right? Here is the link to register:

Wrapping Up

So, this was a review about SERP Empire, a service that helps you boost your rankings by increasing your SERP ranking's CTR. 

You can try this service now for free using the link given above.

After trying, do give me the results you got, through comments. I'll surely provide the feedback to the developers. Also, what do you think about this concept? Do share your views on it!

Peace :)

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